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Alfa Romeo F1, 2021 Raikkonen & Jobinazzi Residual Announcement[F1-Gate.com]


Alfa Romeo F1 has announced that it has also extended its contract with Kimi Raikkonen and Antonio Giovinazzi at the 2021 F1 World Championship.

Prior to the F1 Emilia Romagna GP at Imola, Alfa Romeo’s third home race in 2020, the team announced the 2021 driver lineup. We have confirmed that the pair of Kimi Raikkonen and Antonio Giovinazzi will continue for three seasons.

2020 has been a challenging season for the team and is currently in eighth place with only five points in the Constructors’ Championship. Still, Kimi Raikkonen broke the record for the most races in F1 history and proved that the flames were still burning, with 10 cars out on the opening lap at the F1 Portuguese Grand Prix.

“Alfa Romeo Racing is more than a team to me, it’s like a second family,” Kimi Raikkonen said. “Many of the faces around me when I made my F1 debut in 2001 are still here, and the unique atmosphere of this team gives me more motivation to continue my 19th season in F1 next year. Come

“I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t believe in the team’s project, we feel we can achieve it together. It’s a team that emphasizes hard work over words, which fits my style perfectly. I’m looking forward to next year and hope to take a step forward with the team in front of Midfield. “

The future of Ferrari’s junior driver Antonio Giovinazzi wasn’t very certain, Alfa Romeo and his technical partner Ferrari are the perfect fit for next season’s work, with aerodynamic changes, to take over the chassis. I decided.

“The team puts a lot of trust in me and I’m doing my best to return that trust with hard work and commitment,” said Antonio Giovinazzi.

“I’ve achieved some good results and I feel I’ve played my part in advancing the team, but there’s a long way to go and there’s still a lot we want to achieve together.”

Alfa Romeo F1 team principal Frederick Vasul said, “I am very pleased that the team will continue to work with you and Antonio next season. You are a driver you don’t need to introduce. His talent since 2001. Is obvious to everyone, and every time I see him working, I still see his passion and motivation. “

“He is trusted to provide 100% of what the machine can produce and is a true leader of the people who work around him. Antonio has strongly terminated last year’s campaign and resumed from where it was interrupted. We will continue to improve throughout 2020. “

“From trucks to engineering briefings, Antonio played an important role for our team and was fully worthy of the new 2021 contract. His work ethic, team commitment, and person-to-person enthusiasm It’s a big asset for Alfa Romeo Racing. “

With the announcement of Alfa Romeo F1, only four teams, Mercedes, Red Bull, Alfa Tauri and Haas, have not yet officially confirmed the complete driver lineup for 2021.

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Still not enough cruel! Bernado received a Man City form from the start of the season.

West Ham United v Manchester City – Premier League | Catherine Ivill/Getty Images

Bernardo Silva’s middle offensive talent. Manchester City Agree that the Navy blue to start this season is not very good by the standards. But believe that it will come back to set up again

“I insist that it is true that Man City has not been able to start the new season well by standard. Because winning just two out of five games is not an acceptable result, ”Bernardo told L’Equipe.

And the truth is, another issue that directly affects the team is We have a lot of injured players. Which if chasing the timeline, then Manchester City have not been in a full-team state for a long time But in the end, it’s not all that can be an excuse. ”

“Well, I don’t know how to describe it in words. But everyone needs to talk internally. Take all matters cleared Not just a group of players Including team managers and coaches Because Man City’s goal is to win the Premier League title in every season “

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vijay film | The director says the story cannot be changed; A. from Vijay movie. R. Murugadoss withdrew


The 65th movie starring Vijay, the youngest commander in Tamil cinema, will be directed by A.K. R. Murugadoss retreats. The withdrawal was due to a dispute with the producers over the story of the film.

Vijay’s 65th movie is yet to be named. This was the fourth film in which the two came together to produce several superhits. The name of the film was not decided. But the film, produced by Sun Pictures, seems to have come to a standstill. Their previous films were Thuppakki, Kathi and Sarkar. These were huge successes.

That’s why the fans of both of them had high hopes for the film. Initially, the film was controversial in terms of remuneration, and secondly, it was about the story of the film. Murugadoss was not ready to accept the producers’ claim that the story needed a minor change. Following this, Murugadoss decided to end his relationship with Sun Pictures.

With the departure of Murugadoss, the Tamil film industry is looking at who will direct the 65th movie starring Vijay for Sun. ‘Master’ directed by Lokesh Kanakaraj is another movie that Vijay fans have been waiting for. But the release of the film has been postponed due to Kovid expansion.


Sony’s’Plays 5′, the changed controller’Dual Sense’


Sony’s next-generation console game console, the PlayStation 5 (PS5), will be officially released on November 12th.

From the time of its first release, PS5 is a game device that attracts attention with strong hardware specifications centered on SSD (solid state drive) and white curved design. It has gained great popularity so that pre-orders sold out within 5 minutes of both pre-reservations conducted in Korea.

On the 27th, before the official PS5 release, Sony held a preview event for domestic media. At this event, the actual PS5 was revealed and an opportunity to play the game was provided.

The PS5’s first-hand feeling is that it is big. The standard version of the PS5 measures about 390mm x 104mm x 260mm and weighs 4.5kg. It is the largest among the past Ples products. At the same time, the curved design and white color give it a sleek feel at the same time.

The new PS5 wireless controller (joystick), DualSense, also changed the color and design from the previous DualShock. By making the handle part slimmer, you feel a little more comfortable when holding it with your hand. The size of DualSense is 160mm x 66mm x 106mm, and it weighs 280g.

The three games that could be demonstrated were’Astro’s Playroom’,’Sackboy A Big Adventure’, and’Balan Wonderworld’. Since it was not officially released, only some stages were possible.

The DualSense, which I used myself, improved the vibration function one step further. It is equipped with PS button, create button, option button, arrow key, action button, R1/L1 button, R2/L2 button, left stick/L3 button, right stick/R3 button, touch pad button, and mute button. In particular, the R2/L2 buttons provide an adaptive trigger effect to give each game a distinctive feel.

In particular,’Astro’s Playroom’ is a game where you can test all the functions of DualSense, including the touchpad. You can experience the various feedback and haptic functions of DualSense while enjoying the game by making the GPU, SSD, and cooler of the PS5 into each stage. It wasn’t just a demo game, it was a game made with great effort, and there were plenty of things to enjoy.

The haptic feedback of PS5 DualSense delivers various reactions to the player according to the situation in the game. The touchpad feels much softer than the previous one. The new controller alone is expected to further increase the enjoyment of games enjoyed on PS5.

Gametalk reporter Min-jae Paik beck@gametoc.co.kr

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Open the formula for calculating default interest Start next year – Post Today Financial News – Stocks


Open the formula for calculating default interest Start using next year

On 30 October 2020 at 1:34 PM

The BOT opens a default interest calculation formula Start using next year To reduce bad debt and reduce the debt burden of the people

Mrs. Thanyanit Niyomkarn Assistant Governor Financial Institutions Supervision Division 2 Bank of Thailand (BOT) revealed that the BOT has issued a notification stipulating rules on interest charge, default and debt amortization. With the objective to help reduce the debt burden Create fairness in providing financial services to the people. And reduce the incidence of non-performing debt in the financial system These criteria will lead to three important changes in the Thai financial system practices:

1. The default interest is charged on the basis of “Actual Default Principal” only does not include the principal portion of future installments that are not yet due. Unlike the previous practice that if the default is only one installment The financial service provider can charge default interest on the total principal outstanding. Resulting in a very high default value of interest This new criterion will make the default interest charged in line with the facts. And becoming more fair to the people

2. Determination of interest rates for default on debt repayment For example, if the contractual interest rate is 8%, the financial service provider can set the default interest rate up to 11%, taking into account the past debt history. Unlike previously, financial service providers can set their own default interest rates, such as the maximum interest rate in the Civil and Commercial Code of 15%, or in some cases up to 18% or 22%, affecting their ability. In the repayment of the debtor Therefore, this adjustment of the criteria Will help the debtor try to pay off the debt Reduce the chance of default. And it also helps to make the financial system more balanced. Litigation will be reduced.

3. Determination of the order of amortization by “Write-off the longest outstanding installments first” so that the debtor knows the order of amortization clearly. When the debtor repays the debt The money paid in will first be used to pay the interest and principal of the outstanding installment. Unlike the traditional way that the money paid will be charged to all fees. Followed by all interest Before bringing the rest to write off the principal The new threshold will increase the chance that the installments that the debtor installs each month can cut to the principal more. Help reduce the incidence of non-performing debt or NPL as well as help the debtor be encouraged to pay the debt continuously. It also helps the debtor’s repayment history more consistent with the facts.

The announcement of determining the default interest rate calculation will be effective from April 1, 2021, except for the amortization sequence that will take effect from July 1, 2021 onwards due to the financial service provider. It takes time to improve the relevant work system.However, for the calculation of the BOT’s default installment period, the Bank of Thailand has previously circulated a circular since May 1, 2020. New to calculations People and SMEs are generally entitled as prescribed in this announcement without having to contact a financial service provider’s branch to amend the contract at all.

For the default on debt occurring before April 1, 2021, the financial service provider can apply the principles of the new announcement to consider the exemption or relaxation of defaulted interest to the debtor as appropriate. Especially nowadays, many debtors are plagued by the Covid-19 crisis if the public has doubts or is not treated fairly. Inquiries or complaints can be made at the Financial Consumer Protection Center (Fri.), Tel. 1213.


“Think carefully” Polka Dot warns “Bint” to join “Buddha Freedom” wrong, the second time can’t come back


“Think carefully” Polka Dots remind “Bind” to join “Buddha Freedom” wrong, the second time cannot come back.

On 30 October 2020 at 2:15 p.m.

Polka dots reminded “Bind” to think carefully. Cooperate “Buddha Freedom” wearing yellow shirts Show your strength to protect the institute Nov 1 is the second mistake I can’t come back

On Oct. 30, Mr. Sombat Boonngam-anong or the Political activist politician. A Facebook post stated that Bint Ban Lue Rit would join the independent Buddha would be a second mistake that could never be returned.Think carefully.

However, Mr. Suwit Thongprasert or former Luang Pu Buddha Isara Posting through Facebook Luang Pu Phutthasara (Buddha Isara) said that yesterday (29 October) in the evening, Khun Bint Ban Luerit called me and gave me encouragement and thanks for helping to protect the institute. After enough talk to remember I told Khun Bint that I heard that You invited the fans to wear pink shirts. Come to meet him His Majesty on November 1, this will come to this request that In order to make an audience in this time It shows the power of the loyal ones, we should wear yellow shirts. So that people who are thinking of going down the institution Saw that we had hearts as one

Can later Know that Khun Bin Posted for his fans to change the shirt from pink Become the yellow Buddha Independent, so thank you Khun Bind and all the fans here with this event. Make me and society know that Khun Bind Is a person who is ready to listen and take it into account Therefore, these actions are the identity of the wise graduates. On November 1, we will meet in front of the Grand Palace.


The last bend! Biden continues to “Trump” vying for President of the United States on November 3.


With just a week left for Americans to step into the booth to elect the 46th president who will determine the future of the United States four years from now amid fierce competition between President Donald Trump. present Republican Representative with Democratic nominee Joe Biden He was the Vice President during the reign of Barack Obama and is a veteran in US politics.

Launch “Trump” and “Biden” policies in 2020 U.S. presidential elections

Biden scored above “Trump” in both debates.

The highlight of every US presidential election is the debate. This is a custom that candidates for the presidency and vice president. Must come out to show a vision in various fields Against the Americans Statistics show that debates can often make a candidate’s popular score go up or down overnight.

The first debate between Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and Democrat contender Joe Biden. Was held in Ohio on Tuesday, Sept. 29 at 9:00 p.m. US time. Or corresponds to Wednesday, Sept. 30, at 8:00 a.m. Thai time, with Fox News correspondent Chris Walles. Moderator And took 90 minutes to debate

The first debate was in a very spicy atmosphere. Because both sides used different words And interrupt with each other most of the time Until making the moderator Be reminded to keep both of them calm and not overexerting. Because it is a live broadcast which is being watched by people all over the world

After the debate is completed CNN Television Station Revealed the results of a public opinion poll on the debate round, found that 6 out of 10 of the audience of the debate said Biden had the best debate, and only 28% saw it. Trump debates at its best This is similar to when it was debated in 2016 during Trump. And Mrs. Clinton As a result, 62% of the debate audience said Hillary did the best in debate, and only 27% saw the Trump debate best.

As for the second debate The original, which was scheduled to be held on Oct. 15 in Miami, Florida, has been canceled. After the US Presidential Candidate Organizing Committee requested to change the debate format to online Of concerns about Trump’s health problems. Which was found to be infected with COVID-19 And is in the process of healing But Trump has denied joining the debate as such.

The final debate between Trump and Biden was held at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee in the evening of Thursday, Oct. 22 (9:00 p.m.). United States or on Friday morning, Oct. 23 (8.00) Thai time by Chris Ten Welker, a correspondent of NBC television. And the White House correspondent Served as the host

The final debate was slightly changed to the rules. Because in the first debate, Trump used a meditative approach to interrupt Biden’s speech. Which despite being successful But it is boring for Americans in general. Causing the debate management committee to decide to authorize the emcee to silence the participants of the debate While the other party was speaking As a result, the debate is somewhat smoother than the first round. By Trump has a more modest attitude. In the first round, Trump spent 41 minutes, while Biden spoke almost 38 minutes, quite different from the first round where Trump interrupted Biden almost every minute.

After the debate, CNN Instant Poll revealed the results of the audience poll. Which most people found that Biden showed a better vision than Trump. 53% of the debate audience said Biden won the debate, while 39% said Trump had won. However, the debate results were better for Trump. Because in the first debate round, only 28% of viewers thought Trump was the winner of the debate.

Trump has a popular vote behind Biden, but Swing State has yet to be seen

At this moment, all polls are deciding in the same direction that Joe Biden will win the upcoming US presidential election. Whether it was the BBC’s latest poll giving Biden a Trump lead of 51% to 43%, or even the Guardian’s poll, which indicated Biden’s popular rating was 51.8% high. Than Trump’s popular score of 42.3%

However, public opinion polls across the country It remains unable to determine who will become the next US president. As has happened in the last election in 2016, the results of the survey at the time indicated that Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton. It has nearly 3 million more votes than Donald Trump, who represents Republicans, but Hillary was defeated in the election. Because the US uses a so-called election system. Electoral College, each state has different electoral numbers. Depending on the population of that state The person who will win an election must be given votes from the electoral bodies of different states. A total of at least 270 votes out of 538 votes.

In past elections, candidates from either Democrats or Republicans have had their own state of voice. Also known as the Safe State, one can expect it to win votes from that state. But there are still some states that are not clearly identified as the sound base of either party. Also known as Swing State or “Battleground State”, which literally translates as It’s a battlefield for the presidential candidates. Most of which These states would be states in which the politically different populations were similar in number. In the past, both Democrats and Republicans gained more votes from these states alternately, so they were seen as the states that have always been important to the measure of the US presidential election.

For this year’s election The Guardian Biden and Trump’s popular vote was surveyed in major Swing State states with 125 votes: Florida (29), Pennsylvania (20), Ohio (18), Michigan (16. North Carolina (15 votes), Arizona (11 votes), Wisconsin (10 votes), and Iowa (6 votes).

The survey results showed that Biden leads Trump’s popular ratings in states as follows: Florida 1.7% (Biden 48.8%, Trump 47.1%), Pennsylvania 5.5% (Biden 50.3%, Trump 44.8%), Michigan 7.4% (Biden 50.2% Trump. 42.8%), North Carolina 2.7% (Biden 49.3%, Trump 46.6%), Arizona 3.7% (Biden 48.9%, Trump 45.2%) and Wisconsin (Biden 50.7%, Trump 44.0%). Trump has 1.8% of the popular vote, Biden in Ohio (Trump 48.4%, Biden 46.6%) and Iowa, both of which are close to just 0.1%, with Trump’s 47.3% popular. Has a popular rating of 47.2%.

This election is very special from previous elections. Since it occurred in the midst of the COVID-19 epidemic. This makes most Americans choose to vote in advance. More than 70 million voters have now been voting, which is more than the 58 million pre-election statistics of 2016. This year will have the largest number of voters in US history. What will the election results be like? Who will be crowned the 46th President of the United States to win together on Nov. 3 to come.


Mercedes F1, 2021 F1 engine has already achieved 20 horsepower increase[F1-Gate.com]


Red Bull wants to freeze its current engine from 2022 to keep fighting with Honda’s F1 engine, but Mercedes will continue to develop steadily for the time being. The Mercedes F1 believes it can significantly improve its power unit and is reported to even discover an additional 20 horsepower by 2021.

With Mercedes’ dramatic boost in engine power for the season, it’s widely believed that the F1 paddock can hardly draw any more from its current engine, but Mercedes reportedly I don’t think so.

According to Italian media reports, Mercedes is already running a powerful power unit on the test bench, which has made a relatively large advance with 0 horsepower over the current version.

In addition, they are working on new materials at the Stuttgart factory, which will increase engine power. The combustion chamber has also been reportedly overhauled, which will increase engine power.

If Mercedes is currently making significant progress in the engine space, this is bad news for its rivals.

In particular, Red Bull wants to freeze its current engine specs by 2022 so that there is almost no gap until it can take over the F1 engine from Honda by the end of 2021.

Next season, Honda plans to introduce the F1 engine, which was under development for 2022, ahead of schedule, and Red Bull and Honda said that a big leap is expected in 2021.

But from 2022, Red Bull will not be able to develop any more engines in-house. Therefore, even if the output of each manufacturer is almost the same, it is not possible to benefit from the engine development freeze. If it is true that Mercedes has made great strides in development, other manufacturers will oppose the freeze.

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SPOTVNEWS:’Only 1 loss in 8 Manchester United games’… “Consistent, very happy”


▲ Olle Gunnar Solshar (left)

[스포티비뉴스=이민재 기자] Manchester United is raising the mood.

The atmosphere at the beginning of the season was messy. The contents were not good even in the winning game. In the Tottenham battle, he was helpless, losing 1-6. However, they are raising the mood with their recent victory against Newcastle 4-1, Paris Saint-Germain 2-1, and Leipzig 5-0. He is recording 6 wins, 1 draws and 1 loss in the past 8 games.

Coach Ole Gunnar Solshar said on TV2 on the 29th (Korean time), “We were not in good shape until the A-match break.”

“We have only lost one of the last eight games. We are consistently playing. Our squad is good and gives us a lot of opportunities. We can play with different formations, but the key is whether we can implement it. I am satisfied” he emphasized.

Currently, United are ranked first in the group with their two consecutive Champions League wins. It is highly likely to advance to the knockout stage. “Our season starts well. We played against two difficult teams, but our performance was fantastic,” he said. “I will concentrate and meet my opponents. Who knows how far we will go,” he said. Revealed.

Spotify News = Reporter Lee Min-jae


■ 오늘의 스포츠 소식 ‘스포츠 타임(SPORTS TIME)’은 매일 밤 10시 SPOTV에서 볼 수 있습니다.


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China’s top 100 Internet companies announced, Tencent Music Entertainment Group ranked in the top ten


Original Title: List of Top 100 Chinese Internet Companies Announced, Tencent Music Entertainment Group Ranks Top Ten

It has carried out research on the comprehensive strength of China’s Internet companies for eight consecutive years. On October 29, the Internet Society of China held the “Research Report on the Comprehensive Strength of China’s Internet Companies (2020)” and a 100-Enterprise Summit Forum in Beijing. At the meeting, the Internet Society of China also released the top 100 companies with comprehensive Internet strength in China in 2020. Among them, Tencent Music Entertainment Group, the leader in online music entertainment services in China, ranked in the top ten, and it is also the only one of the top ten companies focusing on A digital music company with innovative development and successful listing in the music industry. Among the top ten companies, Tencent, Meituan and other companies are also listed.

In order to strengthen the development of the Internet industry, since 2013, the Internet Society of China has consistently carried out research on the comprehensive competitiveness of Chinese Internet companies, and has received extensive attention and recognition from the industry, government departments, and media at all levels. According to this year’s report, in the wave of my country’s digital economy development, as a typical scenario for the deep integration of information technology with the real economy, the Internet industry has shown new development trends: First, new infrastructure will become an endogenous driving force for high-quality economic development. Continue to stimulate consumption potential. The second is to accelerate the layout of the industrial Internet, and the degree of cross-border integration will be further deepened. The third is the rapid rise of a new ecosystem of platform-based industries, and information technology has effectively improved the quality of Internet services. Fourth, the Internet provides strong support for epidemic prevention and control, and helps the economy and society to recover quickly. As the leader of online music entertainment services in China, Tencent Music Entertainment Group’s steady market performance also reflects the trend of the report.

After years of cultivating the industry, Tencent Music Entertainment Group has four national-level music products, QQ Music, Kugou Music, Kuwo Music, National K Songs, and a leading B-end commercial music integration service system, which is developed through both ends and multiple platforms. , To connect the entire industry chain together and build a platform foundation covering the industry. Relying on its advantages in content, effective payment strategies and continuous improvement of recommendation functions, Tencent Music Entertainment Group’s online music service payment rate has continued to rise. According to the group’s second quarter financial report this year, its online music paying users reached 47.1 million , An increase of 51.9% year-on-year, and the payment rate reached 7.2%. Today, the group has entered a new stage of value co-creation with the global music partner industry. In August of this year, Tencent Music Entertainment Group and Universal Music strategically renewed their contract and jointly built a label, setting off a wave of global music cooperation.

Not only that, with the in-depth application of streaming media and the arrival of the wave of the 5G era, Tencent Music Entertainment Group also keenly sniffed users’ diversified music experience needs, and strengthened its directional distribution, scene recommendation, intelligent interaction, customized services, etc. The above technical efforts have begun to conduct extensive exploration in the integration of long audio, live music, and online performances, and with good results, it has further expanded the consumption scene of music. During this year’s epidemic, Tencent Music Entertainment Group has proactively launched the panoramic music super live performance brand TME live, which not only provides stage for musicians during special periods, and brings warm companionship to users, but also follows innovative models such as “digital albums” After that, it once again led the creation of a new blue ocean of digital music.

Now, through the global unique “online music + social entertainment” two-wheel drive model, Tencent Music Entertainment Group is not only adding new value to Chinese digital music, but also changing the user’s digital music consumption concept and creating new music consumption. This fits in The business strategy and layout of China’s digital music development needs have also been widely recognized both inside and outside the industry. Just as the Internet Society of China has insisted on the original intention of studying the comprehensive strength of Internet companies for many years, Tencent Music Entertainment Group’s innovative and cutting-edge music exploration will continue to provide templates for the digital music industry and provide Internet companies with new models and new formats on the way forward. Lessons from aspects.