˝Is the burden of making kimchi reduced?··· Reduction in the cost of making kimchi

20 heads of cabbage earned 221,389 for kimchi this year
A 9% reduction from the previous year… Reduced cost of kimchi equipment
More fall cabbage production… Cabbage price ‘falls’
Red pepper powder, peeled garlic, salted shrimp, etc. compared to the previous year↓

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The cost burden of making kimchi is expected to ease as the price of cabbage drops ahead of full-scale kimchi-making season.

The Korea Agri-Fishery and Food Trade Corporation (hereinafter referred to as aT) announced on the 13th, as a result of investigating the prices of 14 major kimchi ingredients in 17 traditional markets and 27 major retailers nationwide, the cost of kimchi -making continues to decline before full-scale kimchi-making season.

In fact, as of the 10th, the cost of kimchi for 20 heads of cabbage was 221,389 won, down 9.1% from last year (243,575 won).

Compared to two weeks ago (won 254,546), it is down 13%, and compared to a week ago (won 243,959), it is down 9.3%. As the current downward trend is expected to continue for now, the cost of making kimchi this year is expected to remain lower than last year.

According to an item, the price of cabbage, which accounts for a large proportion of kimchi-making ingredients, has fallen, leading to a reduction in kimchi-making costs.

On the 10th, the price of cabbage was 3,235 won per head, down 29.3% from two weeks ago and 23.2% lower than the previous year. According to the Korea Rural Economic Institute, the production of autumn cabbage supplied during the kimchi-making season increased by 10.4% from the previous year, indicating that the supply is sufficient.

In addition, the price of red pepper powder, peeled garlic, chives, and salted shrimp decreased from the previous year, which seems to have affected the overall cost of kimchi equipment.

Salt is maintained at a slightly higher price level than the previous year, and in the case of radish, the price is higher than the previous year, but the recent price is falling rapidly due to the expansion of the area harvest production.

In order to stabilize the supply and demand of kimchi materials, the government supplies 10,000 tons of dried peppers, garlic, and onions and 500 tons of sea salt to the market during the kimchi-making season, and sells kimchi materials at discounts large discount stores and traditional markets through the ongoing ‘Agricultural Products and Livestock Discount Support’ project

It is expected that the cost of making kimchi will be lower because you can receive a discount of up to 20,000 won per person and up to 30,000 won in traditional markets.

Bae Ok-byeong, director of supply and demand at aT, said, “With the kimchi-making season in full swing, the cost of making kimchi this year shows a downward stabilization trend.”

Meanwhile, the corporation changed the inspection criteria for kimchi equipment this year to reflect changes in eating habits. Last month, through expert advice from the World Kimchi Foundation and the Korea Kimchi Association, the survey’s items and weights were changed to reflect changes in the eating environment, such as the preference for low-salt foods and the generalization of kimchi refrigerators. The specific gravity of salt and salted shrimp was reduced, and pears and onions, which are often used as ingredients, were added. Oysters used in the short term were excluded due to long term storage difficulties.

The survey items were changed to 14′ of cabbage, radish, red pepper powder, garlic, green onion, chives, onion, ginger, mustard leaves, parsley, pear, coarse salt, salted shrimp, and rush sauce, and the proportion of each ingredient modify it.

Analyzing the cost of kimchi before the change, from the 10th, it won 320,585, down 5.6% from the same period last year. Even before the change, the cost of kimchi has been on a downward trend recently and is expected to remain at a lower level than the previous year.

Detailed information on the cost of purchasing ingredients for kimchi can be found on the agricultural product distribution information website.

Reporter Lee Ye-ji [email protected]

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