10 million cases have already passed

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

Number of cases corona virus (Covid-19) in the world passed 10 million cases. This figure is obtained based on Johns Hopkins University calculations on Sunday (28/6).

Quoting CNN, in detail, Covid-19 or SARS-CoV-2 has infected 10,000,527 people and killed 499,123 people worldwide.

This figure of 10 million cases was reached within six months since the first corona virus case was detected in Wuhan, China in mid-December last year. Since then, the corona virus has continued to spread throughout the world. Noted 214 countries in the world have confirmed the corona virus.

This figure continues to increase because a number of countries weaken the lockdown policy as in the UK.

The Second Wave Covid-19 also appeared in several countries such as Germany which had completed the first wave some time ago. Some countries also show an increase in cases of more than 10 thousand cases every day.

The highest cases occur in the United States with a total of 2.5 million cases and 125 thousand deaths. Followed by Brazil with 1.3 million cases and 57,070 deaths and Russia 633 thousand cases with 9,060 deaths.

Based on the latest report, the North American, Latin American and European regions each account for around 25 percent of corona cases globally. While Asia 11 percent and East 9 percent of cases.

India and Brazil are said to be the two countries most struggling to fight more than 10,000 new cases in the past day.

Some experts say the number of deaths in Latin America could increase to more than 380,000 in the coming October, from around 100,000 in June.

While in Indonesia the total cases per day (28/6) reached 54,010 with 2,754 deaths. The average addition of cases in Indonesia reaches 1,000 cases per day.


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