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10 Things You Never Knew About Anaconda (1997)

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The characteristic creature of Luis Llosa from 1997 Anaconda became one of the most beloved villains ever made. The high-budget B-movie was listed in the 100 Funniest Bad Movies in The official guide to the Razzie movie written by Golden Rasberry Award founder John Wilson.

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The film follows a National Geographic film crew who ventures into the Amazon jungle to capture footage of exotic animals, only to be held hostage by a manic poacher intent on finding the world’s largest snake. With a budget of $ 45 million, Anaconda opened number one at the national box office when it was released on April 11, 1997, earning $ 16.6 million on opening weekend and a total of $ 136 million internationally. It has since become a cult classic that has spawned a string of sequels.

10 Casting Paul Serone

Serone suffocated by Anaconda in Anaconda

Before the part was finally awarded to Jon Voight, several famous actors were in the running for Paul Serone, the evil wildlife poacher in the film. Jean Reno was considered for the role, while Sean Connery and Tommy Lee Jones turned him down completely.

Other veteran actors considered for Serone included Jack Nicholson, Martin Sheen, Kirk Douglas, John Malkovich, Liam Neeson, and Harrison Ford.

9 Casting Terri and Denise

Jennifer Lopez in Anaconda

Before Jennifer Lopez was cast for the role of Terri Fores, the character’s last name was Porter. Other actresses considered for the role included Jennifer Aniston, Kate Beckinsale, Nicole Kidman, Juliette Binoche, Sandra Bullock and Kim Basinger. Gillian Anderson and Juliana Marguiles both turned down the role of Terri.

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As for the role of Denise Kalberg (Kari Wuhrer), everyone from Cameron Diaz, Gwyneth Paltrow and Izabella Scorupco to Annette Bening and Teri Hatcher were in contention. Gillian Anderson auditioned as Denise after she turned down the role of Terri.

8 Casting Danny and Dr. Cale

Danny Rich of Anaconda

Just like Paul Serone, Terri Flores and Denise Kalberg, many other actors could have been cast such as Danny Rich (Ice Cube) and Dr. Steven Which (Eric Stoltz) in Anaconda.

For the role of Danny Rich, everyone from Bill Murray, Will Smith and Ving Rhames to Albert Brooks and Keith David was imagined. As for Dr. Cale, Billy Crystal, Michael J. Fox, Ben Stiller, Ray Romano, Dennis Quaid and Dave Foley were ready for the role.

7 Animated and computer generated snakes

Snake in Anaconda

Anaconda features a balanced blend of practical animatronic snakes and computer generated ones. Because CGI was so expensive at the time, every second of screen time depicting CG snakes cost $ 100,000.

The two main snakes featured in the film were obtained through animatronics. For the queen snake, a 40-foot model that weighed approximately 5,000 pounds (2.5 tons) was used. The second Warrior model was an animatronic device that measured 25 feet and approximately 1,500 pounds.

6 Honor of the Academy of Sciences

Snake attack on Anaconda

The aforementioned 40-foot animatronic model for Queen Anaconda seen in the film currently resides in San Francisco at the California Academy of Sciences.

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The large model was placed inside the Academy of the Amazon rainforest, the aquarium and the snake pit. The model removed the skin and tail, showing the snake’s endoskeleton and the complex wiring circuitry of the animatronic.

5 Reverse waterfall

Waterfall in Anaconda

At some point during Anaconda, a scene is played so blatantly in reverse that you can see a waterfall trickling upwards.

The scene occurs just as Paul Serone crashes into the water first. As the boat glides off the rocks, the waterfall in the background is clearly moving up on the cliff in reverse, indicating that the scene was played backwards in the editing process.

4 ADR not synchronized

Danny & Terri in Anaconda

Anaconda it originally had much more explicit language which would likely have led to an R rating from MPAA. To ensure a PG-13 rating, several lines of dialogue are voiced via ADR, many of which do not match the lips of the speaking characters.

For example, the word “freaking” is often replaced with its more profane counterpart. Ice Cube’s dialogue as Danny Rich is particularly maladjusted, as the polished dialogue he recorded in post-production often fails to sync with his mouth as he speaks.

3 Musical references by Ice Cube

Anaconda scenery

At least two obvious references to Ice Cube’s rap career are made during Anaconda. The most obvious thing comes when Cube’s character, Danny Rich, claims that “today is a good day,” a clear reference to Cube’s hit single from 1992.

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More subtle is the scene where Danny listens to the song “Foe Life” by gangster rap artist Mack 10. Ice Cube co-wrote the song with Mack 10, his fellow rap group member Westside Connection.

2 Monkey blood and snake eyes props

BTS Anaconda

One of the film’s most memorably macabre scenes comes when Serone exits the Anacondas by throwing a friend in the form of monkey blood into the water. Believe it or not, no fake blood was used in the scene. Instead, “monkey blood” was created using a mixture of jelly and prune juice.

Although anacondas have round, spherical pupils in real life, the snakes in the film were given oblique pupils to make them look more dangerous.

1 Scheduled restart

Attack on Anaconda

In January 2020, Sony Pictures announced plans to reboot the Anaconda franchise from scratch. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film is currently in development with writer Evan Daugherty hired to write the screenplay.

Daugherty is in charge of the writing Snow White and the Hunter, Killing Season, Divergent, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, is tomb Raider. He was also announced as the author of the Snow White spinoff Rose Red as well as the pilot episode of the TV series The Adventures of El Borak.

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