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Pierre Guthrie (AlphaTauri), who finished 10th in the final race of the F1 Singapore Grand Prix held on October 2nd, said it was an “unfortunate result” and complained about the pit strategy that caused the situation to go down.

Gasly, who reached 7th place on the grid, which could be said to be an opportunity for a large number of points, held the starting position until the 32nd lap and the race progressed smoothly, but switched from the intermediate to the tyre. medium in the early stages of the 33rd lap.

As a result, Daniel Ricciardo (McLaren) and the Aston Martins were allowed to take the lead and lose 5 points. AlphaTauri fell back to ninth in the constructors’ standings due to the appearance of Aston Martin, which won the W award.

unacceptable result

Pierre Guthrie
Final: 10th / Grid: 7th

I’m sorry. This is an unacceptable result.

I had a great race behind Lando[Norris]and ahead of the Aston Martins, but I took a big risk early on and dropped down the order.

I don’t really know why I made this decision. We have to review everything and learn from this mistake.

We definitely could have scored more points today and it’s a big blow as we had plenty of opportunities to progress, especially considering the championship contention.

AlphaTauri Admits Misjudgment

Sergio Perez (Red Bull) won the last race of the tumultuous GP Round 17 Singapore F1 2022, where six cars were forced to retire. Charles Leclerc finished second, followed by Carlos Sainz and Ferrari on the podium in third.

The next round, the Japanese GP, which will be staged at the Suzuka Circuit, will start with free practice 1 on Friday, October 7th.

F1 GP Singapore special feature

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