Priyadarshan stars Shane Nigam and Shine

Shane Nigam will play the lead in director Priyadarshan’s new film. The film is being produced by Priyadarshan, NM Badusha and Shinoy Mathew under the banner of Four Frames and Badusha Cinemas. It is also the first production venture of Four Frames. The film also stars Shane Nigam, Arjun Ashokan, Shine Tom Chacko, Siddique, Johnny […]

Mars helicopter makes 29th flight despite dust storm [여기는 화성]

NASA’s Mars rover helicopter ‘Ingenuity’ made its 29th flight. IT media Cnet reported on the 14th (local time) that the NASA Mars Helicopter Ingenuity succeeded in its 29th flight despite the recent dust storm that struck Mars. NASA Mars Helicopter ‘Ingenuity’ (Photo=NASA/JPL-Caltech/ASU) Recently, Mars exploration equipment, including Ingenuity, is experiencing difficulties due to technical defects […]

U.S. 10-year Treasury yields rose above 3.45%, hitting 11-year highs |

After the latest U.S. inflation data was released last week, investors expected the Federal Reserve (Fed) to take the most aggressive measures to curb soaring inflation, and the U.S. 10-year bond yield rose above 3.45% on Tuesday (14th). , wrote an 11-year high. At the time of writing, the U.S. 10-year Treasury yield rose to […]

Joe Biden to visit Saudi Arabia, interact with Crown Prince

US President Joe Biden will visit Saudi Arabia. Biden will visit Saudi Arabia on July 15-16. Biden is visiting Saudi Arabia at the invitation of King Salman. US President Joe Biden will meet with King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman during his visit to Saudi Arabia. Ways to tackle challenges in the region […]

Red Skeleton Movie (Introduction to Red Skeleton Movie)_Educational News Network

2022-06-14 20:44:07source: Hello everyone, Xiaoxin is here to answer the above questions for you. Red Skeleton Movie, many people don’t know about the introduction of Red Skeleton Movie, let’s take a look now! 1. “Red Skeleton” is a thriller and suspense film jointly produced by Touching Life (Beijing) Culture Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Qiongzhou Film […]

ƴƱ mծd֧֡ӲƼ _yҾŻ

ƴƱݽмծءͨϢѯ˽⵽У⻷ԴŹɷ޹˾һ޹˾޻޹˾нڶ????̾޹˾̩Źɷ޹˾һعɷ޹˾ɲǷС 520գймгЭᷢƳƴƱ˵֪ͨܽƼ߳ɳҵծʹߡ˫רծʹߺʹͶҵծʹпƴʲƷʵϣƳƴƱݡ ߱ ߱ ļ¶ӳƽɫԣ 磬 磬 磬 عɷݾʾ ҵ ھ ٻ ר ϰƽ³ɹ ﵽ ﵽ ڻʯ դ ģ̼ ե ҳ ڸ ڸ ƽ ߱ ߱ ļгơ ļгơ ƳƴƱ˵ ֪ͨ ȷƼҵⷢпƴƱ ߱ һӦĿƼ³ƺţ Ե ƴƱ ݷ ļ˵ ص¶˷˵ Ŀƴ Ժ Ϳƴ ֪ͨ Ҫ????һ˿ƴҵʱгʶȣ ڻ ׼ֿ֧ Ƽ £ ǿƼ ծ ȯгЭͬ ޻ ſƴƱũҵͶв ܲʾ ƴƱ ݵ […]