Liyuan Refinement’s stock price rose by the limit, how did the previously damaged investors participate in the claims?_Finance Channel_Securities Star

(Original title: How can investors who have been damaged before Liyuan Refinement’s stock price limit up?) Jilin Liyuan Refining Co., Ltd. will withdraw the delisting risk warning from the market opening on July 1, 2022. The stock abbreviation was changed from “*ST Liyuan” to “Liyuan Refining”; the stock code was still “002501”. Liyuan Refining said […]

Summers raises recession risk this year-also helps control inflation-Bloomberg

Former U.S. Treasury Secretary Summers points out that there is an increased risk that the recession that he predicted will begin earlier, saying inflation could slow if the recession becomes a reality. I showed my point of view. “The risk of going into recession in 2022 is much higher than when I was judging 6-9 […]

SSG Choi Sang-min, 2 runs in the bottom of the ninth, and a push-out walk (total)

Eui-san Jeon’s first home run in batting bats… Kim Do-young’s debut home run Kim Jun-wan’s comeback triple RBI, triple … Kiwoom beats Hanwha to 6th straight win ‘Park Hae-min’s final blow’ LG beats Lotte to win 4 in a row kt wins a dramatic comeback over Doosan by 5 points SSG Choi Sang-min ‘I won […]

‘Mountain alone’ Cocoon and Kim Hae-jun’s trembling eyes “Jun-i lives alone”

Code Kunst showed his fanship towards Kim Hae-jun. In episode 452 of MBC’s entertainment program ‘I Live Alone’, which was broadcast on the 1st (Friday), Kim Hae-jun’s ‘I did everything I wanted’ and Park Na-rae’s ‘I’m going to be a savage’ got on the air. On this day, the first special episode of ‘Muchinso (Introducing […]