Portable Console Wars: The Steam Platform vs. Nintendo Switch

Console Wars is a long war where different systems and their players compete against each other to test advantage. In some cases, there’s no winner, like the PlayStation vs. Xbox conversation. But in other respects, there are clear winners worth acknowledging. Article continues below ad The Steam Deck is often compared to the Nintendo Switch, […]

Fengfan shares cross-border acquisition of photovoltaic silicon wafer manufacturing trademark with total assets exceeding 2.4 billion, the transaction price has not been finalized | Daily Economic News

After more than ten days, UHV leading Fengfan shares (SH601700, stock price of 5.3 yuan, market value of 6.048 billion yuan) disclosed a detailed plan for cross-border acquisition of photovoltaic silicon wafer manufacturers, and the company’s shares will also resume trading on July 26. On July 25, Fengfan Co., Ltd. announced that the company will […]

Marvel’s Open World Black Panther Game Published by EA – Games – EA

Yesterday, game industry reporter Jeff Grubb broke the news that Marvel is developing a game adaptation of “Black Panther”. At the subsequent live broadcast event, he revealed some detailed information about the game. According to Jeff Grubb, the name of this “Black Panther” game does not use Marvel as a prefix. The name of the […]

WTI Oil Closes $2, Dollar Weak Boosts Buying : InfoQuest

economic news6:36 a.m.2022-07-26 New York West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude futures ended positive on Monday (July 25), helped by a weak dollar. and the recovery of the US stock market. In addition, expectations about tight oil supply also supported the market. The WTI crude oil contract was delivered in September. It was up $2, or […]

The complainants should come to Mattanur and testify – Veekshanam

Thiruvananthapuram – Youth Congress activists Farseen Majeed and Naveen Kumar have come to Mattanur to testify in the case of brutal beating by Left Front convener EP Jayarajan, chief minister’s gunmen and personal staff for shouting protest slogans against the chief minister inside the plane. The police were informed about this through lawyers. The High […]