The US-led Chip 4 Alliance… Can semiconductors become NATO? DrJ’s China Insight

Photo = Getty Images Bank. ◆’If it is the ‘Chip4 Alliance’, it is easy to break China’s Achilles heel In order to realize the ‘Pivot to Asia’ policy since former President Barack Obama took office, the United States has implemented the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), Quad, Economic Transformation Network (EPN), and Inta Economic Framework (IPEF). ), […]

All iPhone 14 models are said to come with 6GB of RAM

Although Apple showed off the iPhone 13 series in 2021, the 13 Mini and regular 13 have no more than 4 GB of RAM. But what does it do when it really flows like it does in the iPhone? Now, news is that Apple, on the other hand, will take it to the next level […]

Myanmar military executed in the name of justice in international criticism

Military spokesman: “Criminals who expected to be criticized but deserved multiple executions”ASEAN criticizes “retreating efforts for peaceful resolution”… Protests in Myanmar and Thailand Amid growing international protests against the execution of people from the democratic camp, the Myanmar military regime announced on the 26th that “the execution of the death penalty is for the sake […]

Unfamiliar Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, the third cause of facial paralysis

Ramsay Hunt syndrome, an unfamiliar name, is a disease that became known little by little as it became known that pop star Justin Bieber and former announcer Choi Hee battled the disease. Ramsay Hunt Syndrome is caused by damage to the facial nerve that moves the facial muscles due to the varicella zoster virus. Among […]

Commonwealth Games start tomorrow; India fainted under the drug Sports | Deshabhimani

New Delhi Tomorrow, India will face the embarrassment of drug addiction when it returns to Birmingham for the Commonwealth Games. Three stars are already trapped under the drug. Another At-Leet is also suspected of being drugged. In the list released by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) in 2021, India ranks third among drug addicts. Only […]