30 MISTER INTERNATIONAL THAILAND 2022 handsome men gather around the fashion show

melt 30 handsome men MISTER INTERNATIONAL THAILAND 2022 Gathered around the Blasyn six-pack fashion show before the judging round October 1

It’s getting hotter every time For the competition stage, DEVONTE PRESENTS MISTER INTERNATIONAL THAILAND 2022 or MI Thailand 2022, which is near the final and on September 24, DEVONTE MEN brand premium skin care for men. The main sponsor organized a fashion show event, the Final Challenge, where 30 handsome men appeared dressed in white, smart and strong under the concept BIOTECHNOLOGY. which represents the innovation of the future world In it the competitors of the 3 teams showed their potential in 3 dimensions: Strong Body, Strong Mind and Strong Talent like no one else.

The DV1 team opened the show in concept. BIOTECHNOLOGY Scientist theme, Team DV2 debuts with a futuristic dance show and Team DV3 comes in concept. BIOTECHNOLOGY A robot theme that has been resurrected to life again, where the 3 teams have leveraged their unique abilities. And bring information from the activities of gathering DEVONTE CLASS with MASTER GURU, including from Professor Lukkaew-Warisara Bamrungwet from the Drama Academy, Dr. An-Phuwanat Kunpalin, famous DJ and host, Khom-Kongkiat Khom Siri, famous director of the country. It has been customized to create a surprise and has been highly appreciated by TEAM MASTER and the committee such as Kun-Kittikhun Tansuhat, DEVONTE Brand Ambassador and Top 6 Mister International 2016, Jo-Kampon Thongchai, and Mr Tin Bao Mister International 2019

On the side of TEAM MASTER, First-Phattraporn Wang, Gina-Viraya Pattachokchai, Natalie-Nattalee Doo-chiang, Moss-Pichet Chiayodying, Bank-Anusit Saengnimnuan and Bank Teachers – Pharan Pitichirakun also revealed that he tutored the team intensively. Bringing out the best potential of each team member as much as possible The winning team for the Final Challenge is the DV3 TEAM MASTER team “Bank – Natalie”, receiving a cash prize of 50,000 baht and another highlight for MI Thailand’s competitor gathering activity 2022 with a fashion show that walks like a model. Through the obstacles, a floating platform on the water on September 15, where the 30 young competitors showed off their bodies, fit and firm. on the water stage It’s another surprise from the MI Thailand 2022 competition.

The boys of the DV 3 team who won the Final Challenge this time even hugged their necks and cried with joy. TEAM “Bank Anusit” The master of the DV3 team revealed that the show was prepared. Having seen the ability of the team members who can play the violin and dance, so wanted to bring out the special talents of the young people, with the MASTER TEAM “Natalie” designing the show and blogging, while team members DV3 admits that they are secretly Stressful, but the fellow members gave each other confidence and trust. Because everyone is fully committed to the team. the tearful part is tears of attachment From the first day to the last show day And wanting to make the last show to the fullest, and thanks to TEAM MASTER for bringing out everyone’s potential in a better version.

For Devonte’s Challenge, there are 4 Challenges, namely: Devonte’s challenge 1 Photo Group Format The winning team is DV 3 to practice their photography and teamwork skills.Devonte’s challenge 2 An obstacle course, a floating platform on the water, the team that wins DV 1 to practice concentration and emotional control.Devonte’s challenge 3 demonstration style by acting according to the role given To practice expression skills, the winning team DV 2 for Devonte’s challengeThe winning team of the 4 Styles DV3 Fashion Show to practice model walking and apply skills previously practiced in the last event under the concept of Devonte Biotechnology where all the contestants have developed themselves in various fields This is obviously caused by Class Devonte in every Challenge.

As for any handsome man who will be able to take the title of MISTER INTERNATIONAL THAILAND 2022 with a prize of 500,000 baht and a prize of DEVONTE MEN, a prize of 300,000 baht and a chance to work with DEVONTE you must watch the judging round which will be held on October 1, 2022 at the DC Show and watch via https://www.facebook.com/devonte296/

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