7 tons of space junk already on the surface of Mars

[데일리중앙 송정은 기자] Scientists have discovered that there could be about 7 tons of Earth’s junk on the surface of Mars.

Kagri Kilik, a researcher on the moon and the Mars rover at the University of West Virginia in the United States, said, “With the exception of 3 tons, which is the weight of spacecraft and rovers currently in operation, of 10 tons, which is the mass of the whole ship. space has been launched to Mars, the remaining 7 tons are junk on the Martian remains,” he said.

Debris that is currently found on the surface of Mars is parts that have been removed as redundant, spacecraft that have stopped working, and fragments of spacecraft that have collapsed from impact.

Martian debris is also frequently detected by NASA’s Perseverance rover. NASA posted on its official Twitter account in June that “our team found something we didn’t expect” and released photos of trash found on Mars.

According to NASA, “Earth debris could contaminate Mars samples collected by the rover or collide with the rover, causing instrument failure.”

Experts are also worried about the abundance of human trash on Mars, a space humans have yet to set foot on.

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