8 common mistakes to exercise at home

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Regardless of how much time you are spending your exercise this quarantine, you have to avoid making these 8 mistakes. As you run the risk of hurting yourself, diminishing the results or simply making your workouts are much more difficult to bear.

1. Do not heat or cool

It does not matter if you are going to do a super intense or quiet routine, you need to warm up before and cool down afterwards. This It will help you prevent injuries, improve your movements during workout and avoid that everything hurts the body the next day.

2. Make the movements ultra fast

With the exception that the workout what are you doing cardio or HIIT, the movements have to be slow. It is not about doing 150 quick and shapeless repetitions, but doing few repetitions that take great care of the shape, posture and movement of the body. It will burn, hurt, and cost you a lot more work, but this leisurely shape will help you build, tone, and strengthen your muscles.

3. Skip mobility

Mobility exercises sound lazy for those who love a workout intense. But they are super important to improve your range of movement. This means that in each repetition you do (within any exercise) it will be much better and more effective. In a nutshell: the more time you spend on mobility, the better your results will be.

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4. Ignore certain parts of your body

Sounds like the perfect plan to make abs for 45 days to achieve a mark, and you can do it, just don’t forget the rest of your body. By performing complete routines, you make sure you take care of every part of your body equally and increase the results. The joke is that you are strong and fit from head to toe.

5. Don’t give you breaks necessary

Rest and pause is essential for the body to recover and deflate. Choose one or two days a week and take them as a break. If you can’t bear the idea of ​​stopping (especially when you’ve finally made exercising a habit) try doing exercise routines. yoga designed to restore the body.

6. Neglecting your posture

Returning to point number one, taking care of your posture is essential for all movements to work better. This is how easy you can make sure that you are working all the muscles to generate strength. But above all, good posture prevents injury and pain.

7. Forget about breaths

Whatever exercise you do, it is important to keep your breaths and help them to do better your workout. This helps maintain blood pressure and improve cell oxygenation.. If you APP It does not remind you when and how to breathe, write it on a post-it that you can see while you exercise.

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8. Say goodbye to cardio

There are two types of people in this world: those who love the cardio and those who hate it. If you belong to the second group, it is important that you make an extra effort and push yourself to do it. Cardio helps you burn calories and calories, make your heart stronger and increase your lung capacity, three things that are important for overall well-being in the long run.

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