92nd birthday: Arang Phairat 9, actor from the three-headed camp ordination instead of grace

92nd birthday: Arang Phairat, National Artist 9, Actor of the Tri-Headed Camp ordination instead of grace
September 27, 2022 in Phatthasima, Chinwararam Temple, Pathum Thani Province, on the birthday of Arang Pairach Sangwaributr, National Artist of the Year 2004, founder of Sam Head Company. folk drama producer Broadcast on Channel 7 HD, a pillar of Thai entertainment

The atmosphere at this year’s birthday party is still full of happiness and warmth from the family members of the TV drama producers, which includes the 2 sons of Hua Kaew Hua Waen, Louis-Siam Sangwaributr from the Video Star Camp and Lord-Sayom Sang. Ngwaributr Kaeng Khai Deida and daughter-in-law and grandchildren come and join in the birthday wishes Blowing an auspicious cake at HD TV channel Channel 7 as presented every year
Arang-Phairat’s 92nd birthday highlights This year is another year without a party but a merit-making event. who would like to make merit with the 9 actors of the three-headed camp who had entered the ordination instead of grace Arang-Phairat who have given an opportunity to work in the entertainment industry are:
1. Pasin Karnasuta 2. Phichatphon Iworasit
3. Oran Chuchan 4. Thanakorn Kriyasut 5. Sarin Isarangkun 6. Chaluay Kalsumaso
7 Pornchai Praibueng
8Sutee Siricharoen (A)
9. Chawapan Tantipornkusol

By Arang-Pairach he will honor the chairman and a layman for purity and completeness to live happily in the holy life and for the benefit of making a warning which nirvana May you be blessed with this merit. Amen. Amen. Amen. ????

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