A 13-year-old girl fell and broke her whole body, “Bone is dissolving.”

So scary! There is a 13-year-old girl in Henan, China. Since last summer vacation, her legs often feel pain. She accidentally fell and found multiple fractures and muscle strain in her body. The symptoms did not improve on after treatment, and he diagnosed that the cause was thyroid disease, a paragonadal tumor.

According to a “Global Web” report, the girl fell in October last year, and the fall actually broke many parts of her body. She thought she would recover after a period of rest, but she still felt pain in her legs from time to time. So this year, she and her family went to the hospital for an examination The doctor made a diagnosis Due to fibrous dysplasia, a tumor was found in the parathyroid gland An X-ray examination showed, in addition to a parathyroid tumor and bilateral hip joint deformity. , there was also systemic osteoporosis, and the bone density of the bones was abnormal.

The girl’s bone density was very abnormal. (Schematic diagram / taken from Bezels)

The doctor pointed out that the girl’s whole body was broken like glass when touched, and the endocrine abnormality caused by the tumor, which will lead to abnormal bone density, should be considered and should be highly suspected the parathyroid tumor in the neck adenocarcinomas. However, such cases are very rare. Fortunately, under the treatment, the girl’s disease has been cured and her bone density has started to improve. Currently, the first hip joint surgery has been performed, and after another operation, he will have the opportunity to live as a normal person.. If early detection and effective treatment can be carried out, tumors can be removed early, fractures and skeletal deformities will not be as severe, and women can also be prevented from pain 2 osteotomies.

What diseases can cause osteoporosis? Endocrine diseases are most likely to cause, such as the most common hyperthyroidism, as well as hyperparathyroidism, hypercortisolism, etc., as well as indigestion, long-term chronic diarrhea. In addition, there are rheumatic diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus erythematosus, and diseases of the nervous system. Abnormal muscles and nerves can lead to bone loss. If large amounts of glucocorticoids are used for a long time to treat other diseases, it will also cause Osteoporosis.

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