A 22-year-old student from Alken becomes CEO for a month: 6,600 euros in wages and a company car

In August, master’s student commercial engineer Lotte De Visscher from Alken followed in the footsteps of Nico Reeskens, country manager at Adecco Group, for a month. She was selected from over 1,000 candidates. “A few months ago I came across the ad of” CEO For One Month “, which said that you could become CEO for a month during the summer holidays,” says Lotte. “I registered, but mainly to see how far I would get. Two weeks ago I received an email saying that I was in the top 20. Last week, I was suddenly in the last five. Last Friday I was told that I can be CEO for a month. “

But will Lotte really become CEO? Not quite. The CEO of service will continue to work as usual. Lotte will assist him where possible. “I do everything the real CEO does. I attend 95 percent of meetings, including confidential ones. They promised me that it will be more than a regular viewing internship anyway. In August I will know what it is like to be CEO of a company. “

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