A $ 8 million investment to take care of dementia

Noosa’s shortage in the aged care bed will soon have some “breathing space” as the first sod is invested in Carramar’s $ 8 million investment for the local community.

Mayor Clare Stewart joined NoosaCare President Ann Merriam and CEO Megan D’Elton to honor the start of construction of a two-story 32-story residential building with a new reception center for people with dementia and their families.

The push for aged care started with $ 10 and a dream

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D’Elton said NoosaCare plans to become the leading provider of housing and themed gardens on the Sunshine Coast, specially designed for people with dementia.

Mayor Clare Stewart with NoosaCare President Ann Merriam and CEO Megan D'Elton who turn the first plate.

Mayor Clare Stewart with NoosaCare President Ann Merriam and CEO Megan D’Elton who turn the first plate.

“Most of our residents come from the areas of Noosa, Tewantin and Cooroy and we have always been well supported by the community, so it is important for us to respond to local needs,” he said.

“While we finance the new development through our resources, we always try to go beyond our excellent care and services.

“We are just excited to offer the 32 beds to the community. Municipal donations and grants to our project, particularly to gardens, would significantly improve our ability to truly do the overtime for those who call NoosaCare home, “said D’Elton.

The care provider has consulted closely with dementia in Australia, the leading national body for people of all ages living with dementia to achieve its industry-leading goal.

Carramar was always looking for community support in Noosa and still needs our support.

Carramar was always looking for community support in Noosa and still needs our support.

D’Elton said that research by NoosaCare and that of other experts around the world highlighted the importance of well-designed spaces and gardens in maintaining capacity and providing significant involvement with the natural environment for people. suffering from dementia.

He said that despite the difficult economic circumstances, NoosaCare has committed itself to providing quality service and meeting the high level of demand for dementia services in the Sunshine Coast community.

Last year Wide Bay member Llew O’Brien announced that NoosaCare had received 49 bed assignments for Carramar Hostel, Noosa.

“Each of these new places will mean that local elders and their families can have more trust, knowing that they have future care options in places as close as possible to the communities they know and love,” said O’Brien

“Wide Bay has a rapidly aging population, so it’s fantastic to have this commitment to assigning new beds,” he said.

On the job that takes care of Carramar's maintenance for these good residents when.

On the job that takes care of Carramar’s maintenance for these good residents when.

NoosaCare has made great strides since the idea of ​​a retirement home was met with enormous enthusiasm and a surprising number of participants in the first official committee meeting held in Tewantin.

At this meeting, a borrowed hat was reportedly spent with $ 10 thrown as the first donation.

A 2018 Noosa News article said Harry Davis, the owner of a large plot of land located near the Tewantin golf course, sold to the Noosa Council for the sole purpose of being developed specifically for the care of the elderly.

This land was then donated by the Noosa Council to the committee with all the necessary ownership documentation with the first lodge built and opened in 1984.

In 2006 Carramar (an Aboriginal word meaning “in the shade of the tree”) merges with Kabara (Kabara – meaning “a place to rest”) to create the current NoosaCare Inc. banner.

For more information, call 5449 8799.


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