A boy playing in the river fell into the water, a 51-year-old woman bravely saved someone… It was only when she went to the shore that she remembered “I can’t swim” | International | QUANTITY

51-year-old woman Wang Hongmei bravely saved people, completely forgetting that she can not swim. (Photo / Retrieved from Weibo)

Saving people is important, but you can also worry about your own safety! Wang Hongmei, a 51-year-old woman from Jinan, Shandong Province, was working on the farm when she heard a neighbor say that children were playing by the river. She was worried that something might happen and planned to persuade her. as soon as he reached the river, he heard the sound of “help” and said nothing. He immediately jumped into the river to save people, and later remembered that he could not swim.

According to Lu media reports, Wang Hongmei was farming at the time and heard from her neighbors that a 12-year-old boy was playing near the river. Because the river was 4 meters deep, he was worried about danger and went there. planning to persuade the child to leave Hearing the boy’s voice calling for help, he jumped into the river without saying a word, and successfully saved the person. It was only then that he remembered he couldn’t swim, but luckily, the person landed safely safe too.

When Wang Hongmei reached the embankment, the river drowned in her mouth after entering the water, and her feet could not step on the ground. At the time, she wanted to save the boy quickly, “The child is conscious, I hold him, and he holds me.” , After being successfully caught, the person was dragged ashore. The whole process took about 5 to 6 minutes, and finally the person was sent home safely. She said frankly that she was afraid after she came ashore because she found she couldn’t swim at all.

Wang Hongmei was only afraid after she went ashore.  (Photo / Retrieved from Weibo)
Wang Hongmei was only afraid after she went ashore. (Photo / Retrieved from Weibo)

After the news came out, there was a lot of heated discussion, and many netizens praised: “Good people have good rewards”, “Good people are good, it comes from instinct”, “Have reach a state of complete self-forgetfulness, strong spiritual strength”, “Safety of the life of a good person”.

However, there are also many people who urge, “You must protect yourself first”, “You should not advocate it, you must first ensure your own safety when saving people”, “Don’t advocate , you can’t swim and run down to save people”, “You are in a good mood. But the premise of saving people is to ensure their own safety.”

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