‘A child with high self-confidence Must be polished Professor Waree – Sai Charoenpura

a cat The Eclipse Drama series, Y style, boys love, mystery, romance, adapted from the novel a cat by the author Prapt

The broadcast has reached the middle of the story. It’s intense. It’s interesting to follow. Don’t blink because you might miss a great shot.

performed by Kananphan Puitrakul (Firstly) Thanawat Rattanakitpaisan (Khao Tang) Three Nimtawat (neo) Thanawin Theeraphotkan (Louis) Chayaphon Juthamas (AJ) Pawin Kulkaranyawit (Pawan) Phatchathorn Thanawat (Ployphat) Watch Boonphakdi (big) Inthira Charoenpura (sand)

Directed by Sukhaphisit Thanwarin Produced by GMM Television along with Alldis Entertainment

The story takes place in a school. with strict rules apart from the students The excellent teacher is Waree Professor performed by Sai Inthira Charoenpura

Although he has been through many shows But she said it was not easy. to deal with children and students

'A child with high self-confidence Must be polished Professor Waree - Sai Charoenpura
Sai Charoenpura Cr KanokShokjaratkul

“series a cat just turned off the camera in the left half broadcast section Still watching for several weeks, almost two months.

in the matter a cat role Waree Professor Everyone will remember wearing colored shirts during the day, very bright colours, very tight props.

Be a conservative teacher challenged with our teaching method by the students who came to study at this school, the children had their own story. And you have to fight with your teacher’s conservatism.

'A child with high self-confidence Must be polished Professor Waree - Sai Charoenpura

The difficulty of this story, oh my, the debate with the junior class in this matter is arguing like … About … Point Field Marshal Por.. But the good thing is There were people who took the parts we were in the drama in this series. Really take it to class.

There was a younger brother, he went to the lecturer and took the picture for you to see. I also met P’ Sai. We, eh, drama on today?

being in class Well, this series is controversial. It can be passed on as his life. As well as the parts in the series we feel… Oh, that’s good.”

'A child with high self-confidence Must be polished Professor Waree - Sai Charoenpura
What will be the next half of the story?

“It will be …. Well, when the professor Waree comes, he becomes troubled There must be something. Looks like the most unreliable teacher he would like to follow because there are many story lines There are things that he you must fight against authoritarianism in school.

Pa Sai believes that it is an issue that many younger brothers and sisters are currently facing. with compulsion You have to study the way I want you to. You have to report what I do. And the character has a real problem in his life. It’s about how it goes hand in hand.”

'A child with high self-confidence Must be polished Professor Waree - Sai Charoenpura

  • Summary Cat

One of the most prestigious boys’ schools in the country, it is a school with strict rules. But there is a mystical story about a curse that will punish the exiled student. and this mystic will intensify as we approach solar eclipse

When schools have rules There are groups that don’t want to follow. ‘The world doesn’t forget’ The school children who were gathered did not follow the school rules back. he came out to protest to demand justice

make the president of the student inspector excellent adj (Kanaphan Puitrakul) and a close friend who is also a student inspector. path (Nimtawat Houses) a Wasuwat (Chayaphon Juthamas) has to constantly stop this group of students.

But push a new kid Solstice (Thanawat Rattanakitpaisan) who has a suspicious appearance, behaving strangely as if he has a secret. Always try to defy the school rules. causing Agg to keep an eye on the solstice.

which causes the solstice to move to this school to find out who is the cause petition (Phatthaphon Toun) His uncle committed suicide. The only evidence there was a notebook saying that was the case people in this school

'A child with high self-confidence Must be polished Professor Waree - Sai Charoenpura

when the solstice comes to know that it is being watched by Akka I felt the challenge of wanting to pretend. until they became rivals But as they got closer Aggg began to feel uneasy and his heart ran against the solstice. until you have to constantly deny yourself that I didn’t feel anything

and became jealous with Winged Beans (Thanawin Teeraphosukan) The school’s elite boy who looks particularly close to the solstice.

His heart raced with suspicion when Agg noticed that the solstice had an old notebook. that doesn’t allow anyone to touch So Agg tried to find a way to get that notebook to find out why the solstice moved to this school. to report Jataka teacher (Watcharakiat Boonphakdi) who asked him to monitor the behavior of solstice

Although all the teachers at this school were unhappy with the students who went astray, there were Ajarn Sani (Phatthorn Thanawat) A modern principal who helps students Even if there is not enough power

over time Students at the school start to mistrust the mysteries and try to find out who is behind the crazy story in order to scare the students who don’t dare to break the school rules. until the opposition became more intense.


a cat Broadcast every Friday at 8:30 pm on GMM 25 and back at 10:30 pm on the VIU application.

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