A cycle ride with a non-religious person; Moral attack on the young woman and the young man – Moral Policing | India news

Bengaluru ∙ Moral assault on a young woman and a young man for traveling together on a bicycle. The incident took place in Doddabellapura, Bengaluru. Because they belong to different religions, a group of people stopped and abused them and recorded the footage and circulated it on social media. Akbar, who led the violence, was arrested by the police.

The incident took place on Terina Street in Doddaballapura. The fact that the girl was riding a bike with a youth of a different religion angered the moral spirits. A group led by a native of Islampur stopped the bike and asked the girl for her parents’ phone number. When he did not give this, he was threatened. All these events were recorded by some of the same group on their mobile phones.

They are the ones who spread these scenes on social media. Doddabellapur Nagar police registered a case on the girl’s complaint. Akbar, who led the violence, was arrested by the police.

English Summary: Bengaluru: Inter-faith couple harassed, girl beaten in Doddaballapura

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