A famous young star opens his mind to have a high chance of getting an ex-lover back. after separation

Although they broke up, they are still friends and mentors. Call it a good ending, there is no third hand story, but we have to part ways because of social problems that are too different between “DJ Phum Phumjai Tangsanga” and beautiful ex-girlfriend “Nuch Chitphakdi” After the couple split it made many fans hope that they would come back to reconcile or not.

until last DJ Poom opened his mind.Through the YouTube channel DJ Poom said “My mindset changes every day. From that day we broke up until today, Nut and I, I think the chance of reconciliation has increased a lot. Because on that day, we had a lot of arguments and we didn’t understand each other much. In those days, we talked every day and only talked about one thing: farming, how to make a restaurant, selling online. because I don’t understand what he will let me talk about. I feel like we can pass each other on growing up, it’s growing up so fast.”

Both of them are now separated. But there are discussions and discussions about business. that Nut girl already has her own business being an online seller Creating great content for many customers. make them feel closer Walk the goals together and let’s go together. I have to wait and see if I will come back to return or not.

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