A generation of legends has died! Japan’s “God of Wrestling” Inoki dies aged 79

Former Japanese professional wrestler Antonio. Pig wood. (Photo / Flip taken from Zhumu Twitter)

Former Japanese professional wrestler and former senator Antonio. Inogi died at home today (1) aged 79. He has suffered from illness in recent years, and his last public appearance was on August 28 on the charity program “24 Hours TV”. At that time, he was in a wheelchair for a short interview. Now he has lost to the disease, making fans sigh.


Inoki has been plagued by pain in recent years. (Photo / Flip taken from Zhumu Twitter)

Inogi was born in Yokohama in 1943. He emigrated to Brazil with his family when he was a child. His father noticed a Japanese professional wrestler, Rikidoyama, and brought him back to Japan as an apprentice, and since then he has stepped into the field. world of professional wrestling. Starting in 1962, he played under the name “Antonio Inoki”. After retirement, he moved into politics. In 1989, he founded the Movement and Peace Party. In the same year, he was elected to the Japanese Senate and became the first professional wrestler in history to be elected to the National Assembly.

豬木曾與世界量級拳王阿里對打。 (圖/翻攝自豬木推特)豬木曾與世界量級拳王阿里對打。 (圖/翻攝自豬木推特)

Inoki once fought the heavyweight champion of the world Ali. (Photo / Flip taken from Zhumu Twitter)

As one of the few wrestlers to have been in professional wrestling for over 35 years, Inoki used powerful and authentic grappling-based moves to establish a strong style of wrestling, which in turn led to “shootout wrestling”. . is the “God of Wrestling” in the hearts of many Japanese. In January 2021, the center of Zhumu was not in good condition, and he was hospitalized with cardiopulmonary amyloidosis due to chronic heart disease. Later, he underwent surgery for cecal volvulus. In August, he reported his physical condition on his official channel, revealing that He had returned home, and after recovery, I greeted everyone in high spirits. The original thin cheeks were fat and the complexion improved a lot, but now the “burning fighting spirit” has become a memory.

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