A ‘loving couple’ with a 37-year age difference overcame controversy and registered marriage “The youngest son”

YouTuber ‘Lovely couple’ overcame the 37-year age difference and controversy and became a legal couple.

On the 29th of last month, on the YouTube channel ‘Affectionate Couple’, ‘Hello. My husband and I registered our marriage. Finally, we are legally married. A video called ‘It’s the happiest day’ was released.

In the video, Ok Soon-ja (75), a woman born in 1947, and Jeon Dong-gi (38), a man born in 1984, registered their marriage in Donghae-si, Gangwon-do on the 27th of last month.

Ok Soon-ja said, “After getting formally married and registering the marriage, we were going to do it in order, but we decided to do the marriage registration first.” He continued, “I tried to make the wedding simple, and it cost me a little money.” “I am old, and this yangban (husband) is very young, but he has no parents. We have to do it together.”

Ok Sun-ja also mentioned that she and her husband Jeon Dong-gi are 37 years apart, saying, “In the family register, the age difference is 37. If I had a child, my husband would be the youngest son . I am ashamed and sorry, but I will work hard without breaking up.” “Watch, please,” he asked.

Jeon Dong-gi said, “I will live well,” and added, “Thank you to everyone who supports me. Today, we are a legal couple. The happiest day since I was born.”

A loving couple is a married YouTuber who collected topics about their resemblance to Grandma Mak-rye and Gian 84. It reveals the mukbang and the daily life of the two.

In 2020, the two were caught in controversy when it was revealed that they had an employee relationship with a token coffee shop owner in the past. One netizen revealed, “20 years ago, Ok Soon-ja ran a ticket coffee shop, and (who was an employee) ran away at night after paying the number of days in front of me and returning the money. ”

At the time, Mr. Ok Soon-ja, “20-30 years ago, the name was a coffee shop, and I used the word token a lot.” “The times are not the same now, so it is now one. resting place The cafe also sells toast and ramen, it has been about a year

I was embarrassed by my post, so I thought the malicious comments would come this way. That’s why we can’t say.” It was true that the cafe was being operated, but he claimed that he was not operating tickets that involved prostitution. He also apologized for the debt, saying, “I will pay the money in back as soon as possible. as possible.”

Not only this, but about the controversy surrounding lies that he described as a ‘farmer’, he said, “I started farming bellflowers by renting someone else’s land two years ago. Take a look,” he begged.

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