a million cases in the last six days, partial reconfigurations

The Covid-19 pandemic has killed at least 501,847 people worldwide since China officially reported the onset of the disease in December, according to a report by Agence France-Presse (AFP) from from official sources Monday, June 29 at 11 a.m.

Over 10 million cases of infection have been officially diagnosed in 196 countries and territories since the start of the epidemic, of which at least 5,074,100 are now considered cured.

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  • Over a million new cases in the past six days

The number of cases reported worldwide has doubled since May 21 and more than a million new cases have been recorded in the past six days. By way of comparison, ninety-four days passed between the announcement of the first case in China and the identification of a million infections worldwide. This number of diagnosed cases, however, only reflects a fraction of the actual number of infections. Some countries only test severe cases, and many poor countries have limited screening capacity.

It is now in Latin America that the pandemic is progressing most rapidly, with more than 400,000 cases recorded in the last seven days on the continent. The United States, who recorded their first coronavirus-related death in early February, are the most affected country in terms of both death and case numbers, with 125,803 deaths from 2,549,069 cases.

After the United States, the most affected countries are Brazil, with 57,622 deaths in 1,344,143 cases, the United Kingdom, with 43,550 dead (311,151 cases), theItaly, with 34,738 deaths (240,310 cases), and the France, with 29,778 deaths (199,343 cases).

In Iran, health officials announced on Monday 162 more deaths, the highest number of daily deaths linked to the virus since the epidemic began in February. The previous highest toll (158 dead) had been recorded in early April in this most affected country in the Middle East.

  • Partial reconfigurations

These figures are pushing more and more countries or regions to decide on local reconstitution measures, such as Florida and Texas, in the United States, the northern suburbs of Lisbon, in Portugal, or two german cantons – whose reaction ” quick ” was greeted by the director of the European branch of the World Health Organization (WHO), Hans Kluge).

  • A rapid screening center opened at Frankfurt Airport

In the Covid-19 rapid test center at Frankfurt Airport, Germany.

Frankfurt Airport opened a Covid-19 rapid test center on Monday, a first to avoid quarantining passengers as summer vacation begins. Passengers departing or arriving at the first German airport will be able to be tested in an area called “Walk-in Test Center”, details a joint press release from the biotechnology company Centogene, designer of the project, with which the airline is associated Lufthansa and the airport operator, Fraport.

This initiative is scheduled to last until the end of July 2021, with a current capacity of around 300 tests per hour.

  • Prime Minister calls for ‘new deal’

Prime Minister Boris Johnson calls for the spirit of the New Deal in the face of the crisis : He said Monday he wanted to take inspiration from US President Franklin D. Roosevelt to revive the economy, badly hit by the pandemic.

The UK is the most grieving country in Europe due to the pandemic with more than 43,000 dead, but also one of those most affected by activity, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) predicting a fall history of more than 10% of its gross domestic product (GDP) this year.

While the deconfinement must know a major stage on July 4 with the reopening of pubs, restaurants, hotels and hairdressers, Boris Johnson must announce Tuesday, during a speech, a massive investment program in infrastructure. During his election campaign last fall, he had already pledged to inject millions into public services, enabling him to win Labor strongholds in the disadvantaged regions of northern England.

  • A Dijon high school closed after the appearance of two cases

A high school in Dijon has suspended all of its activities and its courses after the confirmation of two cases of Covid-19 among the staff, announced the regional health agency (ARS).

A first case was reported in a teacher from the Lycée Hippolyte-Fontaine on June 19, then last Saturday a second among the administrative team, said the ARS in a press release. “As soon as these cases were confirmed, the ARS and the services of the rectorate began the investigations in order to identify all the people who may have been in close contact with these staff. As a precaution, courses and activities are suspended » from this Monday, adds the ARS.

Contact persons at risk were put in isolation for fourteen days and carried out tests. The students and families were not at risk contacts, but were informed of the situation and of the possibility of also carrying out tests, according to the ARS. Students have “Not been in contact with people currently in their fortnight”, she assures. In recent days, the school has welcomed around 100 students every day.

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