A rare item! A young man buys a second hand camera for a hundred open this picture Can you tell me to raise the price?

A rare item! A young man buys a second-hand camera from a flea market for just a hundred. open this picture Can you tell me to raise the price?

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On 3 October 65 members TikTok @nyparkphoto Post a review clip after going to the market at Wat Thammachak, Phitsanulok Province, which is generally similar to Khlong Thom market. There is food and consumption. and second hand goods

The poster said so “I went to the market and got a camera, the price was 100 baht, I found this picture, can I update the price, haha?” the clip is The camera is an old digital camera. When I opened it, I found that there was a group photo. the person in the middle is a very familiar face which is Thaksin Shinawatra.

After the post was published, many people came to make comments. because just seeing your face Even if the picture is small, you can immediately know who it is. There is also talk about this flea market. where there are lots of antiques for sale and it’s nice to walk

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@nyparkphoto eh, whose face is familiar? #How can you take this? #Sell things online ???????? #Flea market ♬ I love Thailand – MOCCA GARDEN

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