A rare transplant saves the 63-year-old: The New Indian Express

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KOCHI: In a commendable undertaking, a team of doctors from VPS Lakeshore Hospital in Kochi successfully treated a patient with hepatopulmonary syndrome using a new liver transplant treatment technique. According to Dr. Abhishek Yadav, head of the hospital’s Comprehensive Liver Care Institute, Surajmal, 63, in Chennai, suffered from a rare complication of liver cirrhosis called severe hepatopulmonary syndrome, a condition in which the body’s normal oxygen exchange is impaired. . Surajmal had about 35% oxygen in the blood compared to 100% for a normal individual.

The low oxygen level made him dependent on an oxygen tank at home and even the slightest effort like walking to the bathroom left him breathless. “Liver transplantation is the only cure for this rare condition,” said Dr. Yadav. On July 27, the hospital’s medical team successfully managed the condition with a rare liver transplant. The surgery was performed by the team of doctors, led by Dr Abhishek Yadav and included Dr Nitha George, Dr Malli, Dr Mohan Mathew, Dr Maya, Dr Mahesh Subramaniam, Dr Jacob Mathew and Dr John Mathew.

Liver transplantation in severe hepatopulmonary syndrome is a high-risk procedure with high mortality. The biggest challenge in this case was removing the patient from the ventilator after surgery. Here, the team of doctors used a new technique of using oxygen mixed with nitric oxide, which allowed the patient to be removed from the ventilator the morning after surgery.

“Nitric oxide is an inhalable gas that can help improve oxygenation in these patients by improving the oxygen level in the blood. He needed nitric oxide for 12 days and was successfully weaned to a condition where he could have been discharged from the hospital on Saturday, ”said Critical Care expert Dr. Nitha George. After 23 days of surgery, the patient’s oxygen level is now 85%.

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