A review of Blind, a Korean series, a nerve-wracking thriller. Who exactly is the real killer! Starring Taeyeon / Ha Seok Jin / Jung Eun Ji

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reviewKorean seriesa new story Blind The Korean drama Lee Lub Thriller starring Taeyeon / Ha Seok Jin / Jung Eun Ji Although it has only just started airing a few eps, it has caused a huge headache for the viewers. Because it was only the beginning, the evidence that was believed to be correct was disproved. Also it is dark on eight sides. It can be said that every character has the right to be a killer!

BlindTitle: Blind (16 episodes)

Genre: Korean Drama, Thriller, Lee Kung, Thriller

With : Taeyeon / Ha Seok Jin / Jung Eun Ji

Summary : An investigation to find the Joker killer who murdered a college student through the collaboration of two brothers. Detective Ryu Sung Joon (Taek Yeon) aJudge Ryu Sung Hoon (Ha Seok Jin) join the jury But then the story takes a turn when the murderer caught is not the real one. And things take a turn for the worse when one of the jurors involved in the case is murdered in the same way as the murder of a female student. But who exactly is the real killer this time? When everyone has secrets and suspicious secrets, not even Detective Ryu Sung Joon. Judge Ryu Sung Hoon, the jury, and a group of children escaped from the Hope Welfare Center in the past!


review after viewing

Blind It’s a Korean drama that makes viewers have to tighten their grip on headache medicine. Very exciting since the opening of the first EP which got us excited with a group of children who find a way to escape from the Hope Welfare Centre. The background is a labor camp. and use force against children who alternate with the current part who has to find the real Joker killer but later found out that almost every character has a background or is connected to the welfare center that!

Impression of the story part Fast paced series Makes me feel excited with every action of the characters who are all connected. I like that the series has clues and mysteries to encourage viewers to analyze. Who exactly is the real killer? Every time we firmly believe that this person is a murderer. The scriptwriter will then provide a counterpoint. Or new evidence that distracts us and confuses us that our conclusions are wrong or right?

BlindAn actor’s part just open Taeyeon play this Pictures from the old detective series. It became clear in my head that I do not trust this character even though he is the main character (5555). But for this, we feel that it is quite different from other things. especially the face whenDetective Ryu Sung Joon (Taek Yeon) Moody until we dare to trust But in a moment that is not accidental This Miss Saiseb is so cute that she thinks she will fall for many girls.

TaeyeonHa Seok Jin in the episode Judge Ryu Sung Hoon Looking grim, seriously wrong with his brother. But he is a character that makes us feel afraid to trust him as well. because although there will be many But most of the scenes that come out We haven’t seen the idea yet. Or think this character at all. Also, he’s always wondering what’s going on. Pa Ha Seok Jin played so well that people like us did not know whether to put this character on the good side or the killer side.

Ha Seok JinAnother interesting character is Jo Eun Ki play by Jung Eun Ji A social worker selected to be one of the jury who took part in this trial. What is interesting is that this character often appears in different situations. Intentionally and unintentionally, and she seemed to have something on her mind that we wondered if she had a part in the case. Or an event at the wellness centre?

Jung Eun JiOverview of the story series Blind ask where 10/10 pointsIt is a series of excitement, mystery and excitement that the sound and the image invite us to captivate us throughout the story. Especially the killer whistling sound that is unique to this genre. In addition, all the actors and characters can play their roles so that the audience has a big headache. And start a new analysis in every EP who is the real killer of this story!

For anyone who is a fan of Korean series, thriller, mystery, thriller, the series guarantees that. Blind star Taeyeon / Ha Seok Jin / Jung Eun Ji Answer and create a tight nerve twist You can follow and watch Thai subtitles at he saw Every Saturday – Sunday, there are only 16 episodes, not too short, not too long.

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