A Russian rapper chooses extremes over Putin’s order to mobilize… a hellish world protest

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Amidst the recent military mobilization order in Russia, a man in his 20s who was working as a rapper in Russia killed himself in protest against the mobilization order.

According to some foreign media such as the British Daily Mail on the 2nd (local time), Ivan Vitalevich Petunin (27), who was active in Russia under the stage name ‘Walkie’, protested the mobilization order on the 30th of the month last and make an extreme choice.

A note on Petunin’s mobile phone, released through his identification, reads, “I have decided to take an extreme decision to protest this hellish world.” “I want people to remember that I died not to murder on the battlefield. I hope you all get through this dark time. Always remember that I love you.”

In addition, Petunin posted a video of her feelings on Telegram before her extreme choice. He said in the video, “By the time you watch this video, I won’t be alive anymore. I can’t charge my soul with murder. I’m not ready to kill anyone.”

“Putin took every Russian man prisoner and offered him only three options: become a murderer, go to prison and end his life,” he said.

Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the deployment of 300,000 reserve troops on the 21st of last month. Then, the mobilized people protest by fleeing their countries or protesting.

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