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A scientific study in the United States concluded that remdesivir “potently” inhibits the coronavirus

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Gilead Sciences Inc. reported that data from a study done in the United States from his remdesivir medication showed that the drug had reached the primary goal in an essay on its effectiveness in treating COVID-19. The company said in a statement that it is aware of the positive data emerging from the study of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) to treat disease caused by the new coronavirus.

The shares of the pharmaceutical company began to rise abruptly after the trial was known, and generated a general escalation in the entire stock market of the United States and futures linked to the main North American indices jumped after the issuance of the company’s statement. The trial conducted looked at whether patients who received the drug from Gilead they recovered from the disease faster than patients receiving placebo treatment plus standard care for the disease.

The essay, led by National Institutes of Health, aimed to enroll about 800 patients to try the drug and give a definitive answer on whether it can help treat the disease. A representative of NIAID did not immediately respond to a call for comment from Bloomberg. Originally developed to treat other coronaviruses such as SARS, remdesivir has also been tested in Ebola, and is not licensed or approved for use anywhere in the world..

The revealing study indicates that the remdesivir inhibits “powerfully” the COVID-19, according to the document made public in the last hours. The drug of Gilead It acts on human lung cells and epithelial cultures of the airways. To assess its effectiveness, the researchers designed a Chimeric SARS-CoV that encodes the viral target of Remdesivir, the RNA-dependent RNA polymerase of SARS-CoV-2. “Remdesivir is a highly potent antiviral inhibitor of SARS-CoV-2 in epithelial cultures of the primary human airways.“Says the report published in BioRxiv, a scientific site dedicated to the dissemination of academic studies.

Weaker activity was observed in Vero E6 cells due to their low ability to metabolize remdesivir. To quickly assess efficacy in vivo, we designed a chimeric SARS-CoV that encodes the viral target of remdesivir, the RNA-dependent RNA polymerase, of SARS-CoV-2. In mice infected with chimeric virus, the therapeutic administration of remdesivir decreased the pulmonary viral load and improved lung function. These data provide substantial evidence that remdesivir is highly active against SARS-CoV-2 in vitro and in vivo, supporting its additional clinical evidence for the treatment of COVID-19.″ Says the excerpt from the essay.

The study is signed by renowned academic scientists: Andrea J. Pruijssers, Amelia S. George, Alexandra Schäfer, Sarah R. Leist, Lisa E. Gralinksi, Kenneth H. Dinnon III, Boyd L. Yount, Maria L. Agostini, Laura J. Stevens, James D. Chappell, Xiaotao Lu, Tia M. Hughes, Kendra Gully, David R. Martinez, Ariane J. Brown, Rachel L. Graham, Jason K. Perry, Venice Du Pont, Ralph S. Baric, Mark R. Denison and Timothy P. Sheahan. Laboratory workers from Gilead, those who produce the drug not yet approved: Jason K. Perry, Venice Du Pont, Jared Pitts, Bin Ma, Darius Babusis, Eisuke Murakami, Joy Y. Feng, John P. Bilello, Danielle P. Porter and Tomas Cihlar.

Remdesivir started as a treatment for the Ebola and the virus Marburg, but it also proved useful – its mechanism is to interfere with the replication of the invading microorganism – against respiratory syncytial virus, Junín virus, Lassa fever virus, and some coronaviruses such as the causes of Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) and severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). Its use against the Nipah, Hendra and COVID-19 viruses is currently being studied.

Born as a candidate for broad-spectrum antiviral, he was thrown into a series of viruses to see where he would adhere“Synthesized Andrew Joseph in an article written for the site Stat News at the middle of March. “He went from the Gilead laboratories to the academic centers, moved by the taxpayers’ money and that of the company. It continued to show evidence of potential in cells and animals infected with other coronaviruses, but none of them then caused a sustained global crisis.

Now instead remdesivir gained prominence. In the United States, he entered the compassionate use program and perhaps saved the life of a Sacramento woman. “At the moment there are no approved therapies for coronavirus infections, and remdesivir is the most advanced in the development process,” Stat recalled. Bruce Aylward of the World Health Organization said last month: “At this time there is only one medicine that we believe can be truly effective. And it’s remdesivir

According EMCrit Project, the drug of Gilead could be an excellent antiviral“; the independent scientists site cited this year’s study by Timothy Sheahan, an epidemiologist at the University of North Carolina in Chapel hill, made on MERS, both in vitro and in animals. The study showed that the combination of remdesivir and interferon “has a superior antiviral activity than the combination of lopinavir, ritonavir and interferon”, Which was the one evaluated by Saudi Arabia. “In mice, both prophylactic and therapeutic remdesivir improve lung function and reduce viral load and severe lung pathology.

However, Stat’s vice president of virology reminded Stat. Gilead, Tomas Cihlar, “Drug discovery and development is often a very long and tedious process, and we may have many failures on the way to an approved product.” Remdesivir already had a stumbling block when animal studies demonstrated its strength against Ebola, but two out of four human clinical trials resulted in “less impactful survival benefits

Last March 15, Infobae revealed that two doctors had used the drug in two critically ill patients. The results had been auspicious: they had managed to save their lives, despite the critical picture. George Thompson, an infectologist at the Davis Medical Center at the University of California, had explained to the magazine Science who used the antiviral for the first autochthonous American case. For his part, Richard Childs, a lung specialist at the United States National Institutes of Health, added that the treatment was also applied to another 14 infected from the cruise ship Diamond Princess.

“We thought they were going to die,” Thompson told the magazine. Science about the patient, it was the first known case of “community spread” in the United States, meaning the source of her infection was unknown: she had not traveled out of the country to an infected area nor had she been in known contact with a confirmed case .

The doctors decided to treat her with this drug 36 hours after being admitted to the hospital. The remdesivir, they explained, is administered by intravenous drip and “invalidates an enzyme called RNA polymerase, used by many viruses to copy themselves” As the patient was in critical condition, she said ThompsonThe team obtained the “Compassionate Use Permit” from the US Food and Drug Administration to test remdesivir outside the framework of a clinical trial.

And only after one day of the new treatment, the woman greatly reduced her “viral load” and her condition began to improve. Thomson did not disclose whether the patient has been discharged from the hospital for privacy reasons, but stated that “she is doing very well.”

What he did confirm is that his It was not the only case in which the experimental drug was administered: the remsdesivir helped 14 other Americans who tested positive for coronavirus after traveling aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship.

Richard Childs, assistant general surgeon and lung specialist at the US National Institutes of Health, revealed to The Wall Street Journal that those 14 patients were treated with the experimental drug in a Japanese hospital.

Childs described those infected as “critically ill people” and revealed that their average age was 75, just the group most at risk in this pandemic. “Many of them were going to die in a short time, two weeks later they all survived and more than half have already recovered. It is absolutely amazing, “he said.


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