A third raid and a full re-investigation of the sponsoring company

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When Lee Jae-myung was Mayor of Seongnam, the prosecution attacked Hyundai Department Store and Nonghyup Bank, which gave money to Seongnam FC.

At first, the police reversed the results of the investigation that only one Doosan E&C was the problem, and effectively re-investigated the entire sponsoring company.

Reporter Mab Gu-min.

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Prosecutors searched and raided seven locations including the Hyundai Department Store in Apgujeong, Seoul, the Pangyo branch in Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do, Alpha Dome City, a large commercial facility in Pangyo, and the Seongnam branch of Nonghyup Bank.

This is the third large-scale search and seizure by the prosecution on suspicion of sponsorship from Seongnam FC.

Police previously handed over the case to the prosecution, saying only Doosan E&C was found guilty of the six companies that sponsored Seongnam FC during the days of Seongnam Mayor Lee Jae-myung.

However, following the search and seizure of Naver Hospital and CHA at the end of last month, the prosecution began an almost full re-investigation of the other three this time.

All of the companies that donated had issues related to Seongnam City.

Hyundai Department Store, which sponsored 550 million won, and Alpha Dome City, which paid 500 million, won to settle complaints from neighboring merchants who opposed the opening.

The Nonghyup, who sponsored 3.6 billion, won an extension to the contract with Seongnam City for 2.3 trillion won.

Prosecutors believe that the chief of staff at the time, Jeong Jin-ganu, a close aide to Lee Jae-myung, solved the pending issues and raised money.

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“How will we attract more than 10 billion won in sales?

Prosecutors have already put Doosan E&C on trial, but in the indictment, they alleged that CEO Lee Jae-myung and chief executive Jeong Jin-sang conspired.

The fact that Doosan E&C requested to change the use of the website to Seongnam City and wrote in the official document, “We will review the sponsorship of Seongnam FC,” became strong evidence of the sponsorship.

Prosecutors are checking whether other companies have decided to sponsor Seongnam FC in connection with complaints.

Following this, it appears that the scheduled procedure is to call and investigate in turn, by General Manager Jeong Jin-sang and CEO Lee Jae-myung.

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