A young man riding a motorcycle is sucked in by the flood before sinking, and the police are still looking for them – Fresh News

A young man riding a motorbike is sucked in by a stream before sinking and officers move to look for him, but still can’t find him. The mother heard the news that she had fainted.

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On October 5, 2022, Buriram Police Station received reports of people being swept away by the flood along with a motorcycle. In Ban Klantha spillway dam Thalantra sub-district went to check and found that the missing person, Mr. Jareysak Songsadee, aged 31, disappeared with a motorcycle. Although the officers are still looking for a body, they have not found it. because the current flows very strongly Therefore, the search must be stopped tonight. Then come and look again tomorrow.

Mr Samruay Dathong, assistant to the village chief in Village No. 13, revealed that the missing person was riding a motorbike and was also talking on his mobile phone. before being swept into the middle of the dam Someone threw his belief. But soon after, it disappeared in front of him.

When Krasasom, 55 years old, Mr Jareysak’s aunt said that Grandson can’t swim Come to the weir today but he lost control and slipped hoping to meet By the way, the missing person’s mother fainted immediately after hearing the news.

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