About the Unilever Pro LGBT Campaign? This is Syafi’I Antonio’s words

GBT is a disorder and cannot be accepted by all religions.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – Observers of the Islamic Economy, Syafi’i Antonio said, there are some things that can be studied from the support case Unilever on LGBT, and boycott threats that arise afterwards. The head of the Tazkia College of Economics said, LGBT is a disorder and cannot be accepted by all religions.

“So LGBT is a form of abnormality and they are supported because there are some shareholders in multinational companies who are sympathetic, or even as one of the perpetrators, “Syafi’i Antonio told Republic, Monday (6/29).

The development of Unilever as the largest multinational company in Indonesia, he said, was due to the lack of national creativity to be economically independent. According to him, as a large nation, Indonesia should be able to produce its own products that dominate the local market.

“This is actually due to the lack of creativity of the Indonesian people. We should be a big nation, able to stand on our own feet, produce our own goods with our own brand, “he said.

As a multinational company, said Syafi’i, Unilever’s management, whether in Indonesia or any country, will certainly be regulated directly by their headquarters in Amsterdam. He thinks, if Unilever cannot understand Indonesian local wisdom, then what needs to be done is to buy a large portion of Unilever’s shares.

“If indeed Unilever cannot understand how local wisdom is, our task is to buy Unilever shares and then change its executive ranks, so that everything must change,” he said.

“This becomes an economic problem that leads to problems of attitude, manners, norms and ethics,” continued the member of the Indonesian Middle East Alumni Network (JATTI).

Regarding Muslim employees who have already worked at Unilever, Syafi’i suggested that employees be transferred to similar companies that do not conflict with Islamic principles. “From the employee side I think it can be resolved if we have a similar producer who can employ our brothers and sisters,” he said.

According to Shafi’i, the real issue starts with economic problems, but it will lead to ethical and moral values. Unilever’s actions, Syafi’i said, will not change if society does not act decisively.

He reminded, consumers actually have the power to choose products that are in accordance with their economic capabilities and values. Syafi’i also suggested that people start switching to local products.

“So the first step is to stop buying, then buy their shares, and God willing, their attitude towards LGBT will change,” Syafi’i said.

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