Adani is a wealthy expatriate; 102 crore daily income, Shah with the name ‘Olikan’! – Vinod Adani

While Gautam Adani has made headlines as the second richest person in the world after Elon Musk, Gautam’s elder brother Vinod Shantilal Adani holds the distinction of being the richest non-resident Indian. According to Hurun India IIFL Rich List 2022 released yesterday, Vinod Adani has won the title of the richest NRI (Non-Resident Indian). Even as he is in the news as the richest Indian expat, the mystery surrounding Vinod Adani is growing. Vinod Adani’s name was heard for the first time in India through the Panama and Pandora documents, which released the information of those who made huge investments for tax evasion outside India. The documents revealed that Vinod had business ventures in countries considered ‘havens’ by tax evaders. It is worth noting that younger brother Gautam Adani and his Adani Group keep distance from Vinod Adani as a source of controversy. What are the deals between the two, even though they both swear they’re not related? What is the truth of the claim that the same Vinod Adani is at the helm of Adani Group’s foreign ventures? Is the report true that Vinod Adani has changed his name to Vinod Shantilal Shah by adding ‘Shah’ amidst the controversy?

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