After 16 years, Kudai releases a new version of “No Awakening”

At the beginning of the new millennium, one of the Latin American bands that gained popularity among young people with songs such as “Ya nada nada” and “Sin awakening” was Kudai.

Over the years, his name disappeared and the band broke up in 2009, but later returned, although without the same reflectors of the past decade. However, this 2020 they are ready to return with a new material.

It has been through social networks like the group made up of Pablo Holman, Bárbara Sepúlveda, Tomás Manzi and Nicole Natalino has realized an upcoming release with which they will seek to recover their fans.

A new version of “Sin Despertar” will come out this Friday, which is expected by more than 6 thousand fans, since the publication has exceeded that number of likes on Twitter when realizing the news.

In a 31-second clip, Kudai’s followers have been able to reunite with their youth idols, as well as their past, as many remember them.

Nicole Natalino is the one who appears at the beginning of the video with a black blouse and a folder, which, when opened, photographs and clippings of the band appear more than 10 years ago.

With the looks that identified them, it is as you can see in the images of the past, which are interspersed with other recordings of the present time where they show how they have grown.

Her fans have shown their excitement through comments with tweets such as “I got goosebumps,” “I’m ready,” and “wow, I didn’t expect this and it gives me so much joy.”

On the other hand, some have remembered the years when the emo movement became known for its style and clothing, such as long hair.

So far Kudai has released five record materials throughout his career, the first being “The Power of Children” (2002) and the last “Labyrinth” (2019).


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