After IU and Hyori Lee, female singers are in the 3rd place in wealth ranking = 35.1 billion won… Park Sandara, the reality of ’30 billion possession’

Photo = Screenshot from KBS 2TV’s ‘The Problem Son in the Rooftop Room’

Former 2NE1 broadcaster Sandara Park reveals the reality of ’30 billion holdings’.

Sandara Park and Park So-hyun appeared on the KBS 2TV program ‘The Problem Son in the Rooftop Room’ to be broadcast on the 5th.

On this day, Sandara Park said to be referred to as an expert on ‘face-to-face dating’, saying, “Even before the corona crisis, I had been dating face-to-face because I strictly followed the dating ban.” But not everyone believed him,” he admitted bluntly, drawing attention.

When Jung Hyung-don heard this, he wondered, “Wasn’t a picture of a dating rumor ever taken?” Park Sandara said, “We always break up before taking a picture.”

Also, Park Sandara said, “An article said that I won 30 billion,” said Park Sandara, about the third place in the K-pop singer’s wealth ranking after IU and Lee Hyori. I got many congratulatory calls from people around me, but I was very upset because I didn’t have 30 billion won”, “If you think about it, I think I won about 30 billion. If I hadn’t shopped, I would have been able to buy real estate.”

He also said that he usually collects shoes and owns more than 1,000 pairs of sneakers. “The most expensive shoes are about 20 million won. I wear it occasionally, but I don’t want it to get dirty, so I wear it around the house.”

Kang Min-sun, online news reporter [email protected]

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