After leaving the cooking center, Kim Young-hee, the first place she went out because of her sarcasm was DEG

(Photo = Kim Young-hee SNS)

Comedian Kim Young-hee shared her recent situation after giving birth.

On the 28th, through her Instagram story, Kim Young-hee posted several photos along with the sentence “Mom told me to come drink in 3 days.”

In the published photo, Kim Young-hee went out for the first time after being pushed out of the kitchen by her mother. However, Kim Young-hee, who only thinks about her daughter, says, “The place I came to drink after all.. Hilton is to buy a smaller one,” brings warmth.

'Daughter' Kim Young-hee, where did she go out for the first time after leaving the kitchen? [TEN★]

In addition, he said, “The 30-minute excursion is over!” He immediately returns home to see his daughter Hilton, causing laughter.

Meanwhile, Kim Young-hee married Yoon Seung-yeol, a former professional baseball player 10 years her junior, in January last year, and gave birth to a daughter on the 8th.
By Cha Hye-young, staff reporter for Ten Asia, [email protected]

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