After Lehman’s recapture in Ukraine, the threat of nuclear war is intensifying

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Ukraine said it had retaken parts of Kherson province, following Lehman.

While Russia is rapidly annexing the four occupied states, Ukraine is taking back the territories belonging to these states one by one.

However, as Russia becomes more defensive, concerns are growing that Putin is more likely to use nuclear weapons.

Reporter Park So-hee reports.

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The Russian Constitutional Court has ruled that the agreement to annex four occupied territories, including Donetsk and Luhansk, is constitutional.

As a result, the unification process is only pending ratification by the Russian Senate and House of Representatives and the final signature of President Putin.

[발레리 조르킨/러시아 헌법재판소장]

“The agreement itself came into force immediately after it was signed. Once ratified, it will finally be incorporated into the text of our constitution.”

However, Ukraine said it had managed to recapture two settlements in Kherson Province following the recapture of the Liman region of Russia’s Donetsk Oblast just one day after Russia’s declaration of annexation.

[볼로디미르 젤렌스키/우크라이나 대통령]

“Thank you to the soldiers of the 129th Brigade in our hometown, Krivi Lee, who stood out for their good results and especially freed Arhan Helske and Miroluvivka.”

There are evidences that the Russian army retreated soon from the occupied territories while Ukraine held successively in the ring of Russia’s attempt to expel.

A Russian-language newspaper said that “the troops with low morale managed to come out of Lehman with their eyes open. They had to suffer because of the desertion of the troops, the commander’s lack of planning, and delays in resupply.”

Unlike territorial annexation, which is proceeding rapidly, Russia is on the defensive on the battlefield.

That is why there are concerns that Putin could pull a nuclear weapons card to change the course of the game.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said, “If Putin uses any nuclear weapons, it will have serious consequences for Russia”, and Pope Francis has warned Russia to stop the vicious cycle of violence and death.

[프란치스코 교황]

“(Russia) is raising the fear of a nuclear crisis globally to the point of uncontrolled and catastrophic consequences.”

This is the first time the pope has called for an end to the war, referring to Putin.

This is Sohee Park from MBC News.

Video Editing: Cheon-gyu Park

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