Agree… Cheek Bum, will be knocked over by the Revenue Department, will join love in the garden. Last year, I paid 1,500 million!

Back to the bang, head cheeks, posted a clip to show cars 50 million fans, but found the comments The Department of Revenue comes in and will cry. So I gave a cool answer. Last year I paid 1,500 million. I didn’t cry.

Image from kambum’s Instagram

created quite a buzz before. After actress Kaem Bum Priyada made content on YouTube. Take him to see the most valuable car in the house of his lover Pete Kantaphon, the heir to the famous hospital chain, which totals 2 cars, worth almost 50 million baht, until many people can’t help but get jealous .

Read the news: Cheek Bum attacked a lover’s house, took him to see 2 luxury cars, total price of almost 50 million!

However, going back to see the comments of the clip. In addition to having fans who come to admire the joy, wealth, see the beauty of the car as well as see the cute Cheekbum Priyada and her boyfriend I do not bother to find any incoming comments. with one comment saying “The Department of Revenue will come in and cry”

In this event, the girl with dimpled cheeks did not hesitate. Pin that comment And he also went in to answer clearly and clearly, “Don’t cry. because he paid in full The company is a public company, there should be no fear of anything. Paying tax is not only a million, but ten million Thanks for worrying about Pete.” “No, let me change it again and ask Pete. He paid tax last year in Pete’s house 1,500 million, this year he has already paid 830 million half a year.

while young Pete has responded to such comments too, saying “Thank you for your concern.” and also a comment under the clip that “Thank you to everyone who came to see and comment.”

Image from kambum’s Instagram

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