“Aira” explains the release of “Apimukh” money due to the sale of MORE outside the ATO, receiving 122 million baht.

Reporters reported that disclosure of information referring to news sources in the Anti-Money Laundering Commission Office or AMLO has been foundSecurities Company (SEC) Aira Public Company Limited not conducting an inspection Know the facts about customers (Customer Due Diligence: CDD) and not reporting suspicious transactions (Suspicious Transaction Report: STR) after stock trading transactions.More Return Public Company Limited or MORE unusual According to the order of the general secretary of AMLO until causing money or securities to be continuously traded from the proceeds of the sale of shares of MORE and MORE-R on November 10, 2022, in the amount of 2 accounts with a total value of more than 413 million baht is in the list AMLO was not suspended. and payment is made to the person concerned

latest Phairoj Luengtalerngpong Mr Chief Executive Officer IRA Securities Explain the facts that happened “Online business stock news that the operation of IRA Securities is in accordance with the normal procedures of the securities company Which has investigated the facts about customers (CDD) and suspicious transactions (STR), in the case of stock trading of MORE and MORE-R on November 10, 2022, in the amount of 2 accounts as shown in this previous news Immediately after abnormal trading occurred, IRA Securities had a cash balance the next day with MORE shares that had to be traded in cash only.

For the customer’s securities account related to the MORE stock case, totaling 405 million baht, Aira Securities received a written recommendation from the Association of Securities Companies of Thailand or ASCO on November 14, 2022, requesting cooperation from securities companies to investigate the karmic business. Related to the trading of MORE shares on November 10, 2022, are there any transactions that are abnormal. Where the securities account with the sale of MORE shares in the amount of 405 million baht, the IRA securities have thoroughly examined. There was no abnormality in the sale of MORE shares by this customer. As the client did not sell during the ATO, this client’s entry resulted in MORE stocks being sold from 2.60 baht to 2.20 baht before an order for MORE shares resumed the same afternoon at almost 2.20 baht.2 baht, worth approx. 283 million baht, so only 122 million baht in cash is delivered to customers, which throughout the day, IRA Securities has checked the information before payment at 4:00 pm

Mr Phairot also explained that the reason why the IRA Securities did not freeze this client’s money. because considering trading the customer’s securities There is no reason to suspect an unusual transaction. And this client trades in this way regularly, but if AIRA Securities freezes the client’s securities without reasonable cause, AIRA Securities may face legal action from the client. Because as of November 14, 2022, there is still no official order from the SEC, SET and AMLO to proceed with freezing the assets of the said client.

Regarding another customer’s securities account that AMLO is seeking to proceed with the seizure of 8.1 million baht, Mr. Phairoj explained that such securities account was not within the scope that ASCO requested cooperation to investigate. Although MORE shares were traded during the ATO, it was an account with a trading value of less than 10 million baht, so IRA Securities did not have a special audit. This client has been selling MORE stocks all day. which is normal behavior And on that day, this customer also bought other stocks into the account. So the money delivered to the customer on November 14, 2022 is only about 7.2 million baht

After this, IRA Securities will send the securities accounts of the two customers who have been subject to the seizure. which is the stock in the account And we will go in and explain all the information again with the AMLO about the reasons for the currently seized assets which have decreased in value Especially the customer’s property which has an order to freeze the amount of 405 million baht, all the shares in the account are shares of MORE, which means that the current asset price is only about 60 million baht.

However, from the information that IRA Securities executives have disclosed to them “Online business stock news Compared to the asset freeze order of MWY and MWY-R stock trading on November 10, 2022 from the general secretary of AMLO, which is a total of 34 items, the account in the custody of AIRA Securities is the securities accountApimook Bumrungwong or Mr. Ping Pong with the value of the seized assets of approximately 405 million baht and the securities account ofChitipat Klomchitcharoen Mr The value of the seized assets was approximately 8.1 million baht.

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