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AirAsia welcomes the year-end travel season with a new on-board menu, delighting the Japan Lover with hot, delicious menus. “Tsukune Chicken Rice” and “Chamen” Two New Tasty Experiences in Japanese style just not enough We still have an old menu to tell a new story. Legend level “Chicken Gyoza Osaka Osho” ​​Delicious team tag 3 set menu x3 set combo at a great price of only 290 baht or choose a special promotion! Buy 1 cup of tea or buy x3 combo set, get an AirAsia Milk Tea Sticker (Limited Edition)* now available on Thai AirAsia flights. From October 1, 2022 onwards for other menus You can still reserve deliciousness in advance before traveling by Manage my order in airasia Super App.

Miss Oranong Methapipatanakul Director of Inflight Products and Services Thai AirAsia said after the airline returned to serving food on flights. We have created a new menu. Savory and sweet always circulate for travelers to have new experiences. Recently, when Japan announced the relaxation measures for COVID-19 For tourists entering the country Cause the trend of Japanese tourism to become active again Including Thai Air Asia began flying. Don Mueang-Fukuoka For the first time since October 12, we can’t wait to take this opportunity to serve a new Japanese-style menu to our passengers.

“A new menu challenge at the end of this year. We are focusing on creating new experiences for customers. Make your trip more colorful with Tsukune Chicken Rice! It’s Japanese-style grilled minced chicken that’s seasoned to perfection with a special sauce, served with Japanese rice mixed with bonito fish. And one of AirAsia’s all-time favourites, a milk tea from Taiwan that has been reworked with toppings of konjac ramen and fried egg jelly. With this perfect combination He gives us a new recipe menu, Meng! Interestingly, there is no one like it You can take pictures and make content. They are two new flavors that are sure to please you,” said Ms Oranong.

In addition, AirAsia also has other menus. Ready to serve on the flight, including chicken gyoza, Osaka Osho, priced at 100 baht, and After You Bang Baby Single Milk Nutella, priced at 90 baht, along with a variety of deliciousness that passengers can pre-order via Control my order in airasia Super App In addition, we also have cute souvenir for winter Pattern Blanket Christmas Cake Sushi Diary Book Set Chocolate printing utility bags and more that you should not miss on AirAsia flights.

* The AirAsia Milk Tea Sticker (Limited Edition) is limited to 500 pieces only for flights departing from Don Mueang Airport. and flights on October 1, 2022 onlyN

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