Airbus cuts production by 40 percent

International air traffic has been practically stationary for months, and only a fraction of the usual take-offs and landings can be carried out. The massive slump in bookings because of the Corona-Of course, restrictions also have an impact on new airlines purchases.

The aircraft builder Airbus will now cut its production and deliveries by 40 percent and cut thousands of jobs in response to the aviation crisis for two years. “We cannot detach ourselves from the development at the airlines”, Airbus chief Guillaume Faury told the “world”. While the group previously spoke of a reduction of around 30 percent, 40 percent is now mentioned because the difference to the previously planned expansion of production will increase in 2020/21.

Only 40 of the best-selling A320 series are to be manufactured per month. Many finished aircraft are currently parked, Faury said. The airlines initially do not accept them because of the slump in the market caused by the corona crisis. It will take until the end of 2021 before production and deliveries are in line again, the Airbus boss told the paper.

CEO: “We turn every stone over”

After discussions with the employee side, Faury wants to announce the exact scope of the job cuts by the end of July. It is speculated that up to 15,000 jobs in the civil aircraft division with 90,000 employees will be affected. “It is about the necessary adjustment to the massively reduced production figures. It is about securing our future,” emphasized Faury.

The Airbus boss does not want to rule out layoffs, especially since a second corona wave could worsen the hoped-for recovery. Despite the throttling of the business, no final assembly line will be closed. All models would continue to be produced, “but at a slower pace,” said Faury. Every location is looking for ways to cut costs. “We turn every stone over.”

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