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Airbus made the plan worse. It slows down production by 40 percent and dismisses thousands of people

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The German daily Die Welt, the head of the company Guillaume Faury, informed about the reduction of production by 40 percent. The European aircraft manufacturer is responding to the coronavirus crisis, which has drastically reduced international flights to months; the massive decline in interest in flying then reduced the demand for new aircraft from airlines. Earlier, Airbus said it would reduce production by only a third.

“We cannot separate ourselves from the development of airlines,” Faury told the paper. He has been at the forefront of Boeing’s European competitor for about a year and initially planned to expand production. But the pandemic has changed everything, and the entire aviation industry, from aircraft component suppliers to manufacturers to airlines, is now struggling to survive.

In April and May, the company fulfilled the plan only by 80 percent – in April, instead of the planned 75, it delivered only 14 aircraft. Many already manufactured machines are parked for the time being, because the airlines are not taking them away due to the crisis on the flying market.

Faury expects that a comparison between production and supply will not be possible until the end of 2021.

The company, which employs 135,000 people, will have to cancel how many jobs the Faury wants to announce only after interviews with employees by the end of July. According to Der Spiegel, up to 15,000 jobs are being speculated in the civil aviation division, which employs 90,000 people.

Airbus is still going to produce all models, “but at a slower pace,” Faury said. He looks everywhere he can to save. “We turn every stone,” the company’s CEO told Die Welt.


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