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The statement of the Youth Congress leader who was accused of having thrown away the t-shirt he was wearing at the time of throwing explosives at the AKG center in the lake. Jithin told the investigation team that he had left the t-shirt at Veli Kayal when he was about to be caught. This was said when taking evidence. At the same time, the police have found the shoes that were worn when performing the ritual.

The police arrived at the accused following the peculiarity of the T-shirt he was wearing at the time of the incident. The destruction of vital evidence will be thoroughly investigated. The first statement was that he did not remember where the t-shirt was. Therefore, the police are not ready to take his words completely on faith. If it is confirmed that the evidence has been destroyed, there will be proceedings against Jit under the evidence destruction law. The police collected evidence in different places with the accused. The evidence came to the AKG center on Monday morning. The process was completed in secret due to security concerns.

It has been learned that the scooter used in the attack belonged to another Youth Congress leader. The owner and the female conductor who delivered the scooter are absconding. They both drowned when it was certain that Jitin would be caught. Another Youth Congress leader who was part of the conspiracy also escapes. Their mobile phones are switched off. The police intensified their efforts to catch her.
In the meantime, the accused was produced in court on Monday night and remanded in custody as the period in custody has ended. The Thiruvananthapuram JFCM court (tri) will consider the bail application of the accused on Tuesday.

Collect evidence on the path taken by Jitin

The police conducted evidence on the route taken by Jitin, the accused in the case of throwing explosives at the AKG centre. The accused was brought to the police to collect evidence at 5am on Monday. The evidence was gathered through the ways in which the accused came and returned after the execution.
The police had earlier prepared the attacker’s route map based on CCTV and the location of a mobile tower. The route given by the accused is consistent with the route map prepared by the investigation team.

An investigation into a conspiracy

If the accused person’s period in custody is over, the investigation team will go into matters including conspiracy. This will be after examining the statement of the accused in detail. The police have information that a high-level conspiracy has taken place. An explosive device made with banned chemicals was used in the AKG center attack. The accused is not ready to reveal the source of this. The police have started an investigation into this.

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