All-American Husband ♥ Lim Seong-min I have no money, so I have a phobia of people and everything is cut off My Way

Announcer-actor Im Seong-min admitted that he has suffered hardships in life.

On the Chosun TV programme, ‘Star Documentary My Way’, which was broadcast on the afternoon of the 2nd, the life story of Lim Seong-min, the ‘original anattainer’, was revealed.

In the broadcast that day, former announcer Lim Seong-min said, “At the time, the announcer only did news and current affairs programs, and I did variety shows and comedies, but to say the truth is, I didn’t feel welcome in the publisher’s program. room.” ” he admitted.

He added, “What I had built through the corona virus was cut away. I had no work to do, so I had a hard time making a living. As I took a deep breath, this program came out like a rope that fell from the sky. As soon as I got the call, I said I would do it unconditionally.”

Lim Seong-min, who said he had a hard time living after becoming an actor when there was no program offer, said, “Even in 2005, I didn’t have a job, but I didn’t meet anyone then . “I had no money. I usually live with people when I meet them, but I can’t live, so I gradually stopped taking calls.” He complained of bitterness.

“So, to be honest, I once said to my health insurance, ‘I’m Seong-Min Lim, but I can’t pay my health insurance because I don’t have a job these days’.”

On the same day, Im Seong-min also revealed her married life with her American husband. He introduced that he got to know Michael, who was the head of the school at the time, when he went to the United States for a month in 2008. After reuniting at the Busan International Film Festival, the two developed into lovers, and after a relationship far, her husband came to Korea and married him.

By Ryu Ye-ji, staff reporter for Tenasia [email protected]

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