Alpha Tauri F1, 2023 “AT04” will reduce the purchase of parts from Red Bull[]

Jonathan Eddles, director of trackside engineering at Scuderia Aufa Tauri, says the 2023 “AT03” F1 machine will buy fewer Red Bull-designed parts.

All F1 teams are required to design and build their own monocoques, nose cones, wings, wheel drums, etc., but F1 regulations allow them to purchase a limited amount of parts from other F1 teams (transferable components).

Many smaller F1 teams have taken advantage of this, with Haas buying many parts from power unit supplier Ferrari and Red Bull-owned AlphaTauri buying parts from top team Red Bull Racing.

Jonathan Addles says AlphaTauri will continue to buy Red Bull-designed parts for next year’s car, the AT04, but will not use as many as this season.

“We’re actually designing more parts ourselves for next year,” Eddles told media, including RaceFans.

“Because of the way Red Bull works, the lead times and production capacity are amazing. They can develop everything at the last minute, which is fantastic.”

“But for us, of course, we want to develop the aerodynamics around certain aspects that we are currently locking in. For example, some of the components whose final designs will only be known later this year is known. If you adopt, it may affect aerodynamics.”

“Of course we can save weight by running the car now and knowing the operating window for next year. We know more about how these cars, tires and regulations work. So there are many things you can do. ”

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