amazing young ‘TK-Ratchanon’ Pali Golf doing special activities at school

amazing young ‘TK-Ratchanon’ Pali Golf doing special activities at school

“TK” Ratchanon Chantananuwat World’s youngest male amateur golfer Official Tournament Winner Sacrifice time from regular classes at Shrewsbury International School Bangkok Riverside to organize a special golf clinic event for junior students at the school. To create awareness about golf on October 4th. Before the Liv Golf Invitational Bangkok, the biggest golf tournament ever held in Asia, begins on Friday, October 7.

15-year-old golfer Ratchanon Chantananuwat, also known as “TK”, made headlines earlier this year with an amateur victory in the Asian Games Tour of the Trust Asian Mixed Golf Cup at Siam Country Club, Waterside Pattaya in April this year last and was appointed as the golf ambassador of the Lift Golf Series before the Bangkok Lift Golf Invitational competition will be contested at Stone Hill, Pathum Thani, between On October 7-9, with a total prize money of up to $25 million or approximately 900 million baht

Although Ratchanon will not compete this year But he had the opportunity to train with golfers from all over the world before the tournament, including this year’s British Open champion, Cameron Smith, as well as major champions Dustin Johnson and Phil Mickel, and ‘his son, Brooks Kepka, the world’s leading golfer on the 48 list of golf lifts in Thailand.

For Lift Golf is committed to bringing new audiences. Let’s get to know golf with a big tournament full of energy. and competition formats for individual and team types TK has spent time from studying to organizing golf events and chatting casually with friends and children about golf ready to give advice and tips For those who want to get into golf, he gave also commemorated 14 lucky students between the ages of 6 and 10 who took an after school golf program.

Ratchachanon said, “The school has helped me a lot. And the fact that I have done activities in return is very good. I feel like I can give back to the school. Wherever I go, everyone is always willing to help me, whether it’s the Asian Tour or Liv Golf, so it’s great that I can do activities for the next generation.”

Although some golfers may feel intimidated by young golfers with TK’s talent But Ratchachanon’s former teacher said that TK is a very ordinary kid. when I became a teacher TK is on the same floor as my son. They have been friends for years and now they are in the same room.

“I’ve been following TK golf tournaments since the early days. So far TK has been playing on a full tour. It’s great to see his progress and he’s still as gorgeous as ever. Always humble, he’s just TK to us, but he’s a world-class golfer. when in class with other students TK is like a normal student.”

With a buzz around the school when everyone heard about the world famous lift golf tournament. will be held at Stone Hill Stadium this weekend, Ratchanon said, “I know many Thai fans want to watch this show. I’ve never seen so much media coverage. I got messages from friends A lot of people want to go and see the golf tournament.”

“I believe the Bangkok Lift Golf Invitational is a once in a lifetime opportunity. especially to inspire youth I recommend everyone to come and watch the competition. Because you will meet many of the world’s best golfers. as he said ‘You have to see to believe’ in the advert, I think from the audience. Everyone will learn a lot. With the design of the golf tournament fans can really reach golfers. You can get autographs from Phil Mickelson or Dustin Johnson or Cameron Smith or all the other great golfers.”

Live Golf Invitational The Bangkok Golf Tournament, the biggest golf tournament, will be held from October 7-9 at Stone Hill. Pathum Thani Province The tickets for the 1 day package is 800 baht, the 3 day package is 1600 baht. Order tickets at or

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