Amnesty calls on Facebook to pay compensation for Rohingya The foundation does not control the content. ‘Incitement to hate’

Amnesty International has called on Facebook to pay compensation to hundreds of thousands of Rohingya displaced from Myanmar. In the case of allowing content to be disseminated to incite hatred (hate speech) until it contributes to the genocide of this group

The Rohingya, a Muslim minority, suffered a crackdown by Myanmar’s military government in 2017 which forced them to abandon their homes and flee to Bangladesh. and still have to live in refugee camps to this day.

The Rohingya Victims Association and human rights activists say the violence against the Rohingya is caused in part by “Algorithm system” of Facebook shows violent content of misinformation and words that incite hatred towards these minorities

“Many Rohingya tried to report hateful content through the Facebook reporting channel, but to no avail. Facebook continues to allow these violent comments to spread to audiences in Myanmar who have never heard of it,” Amnesty said in a report released today (September 29). )

The human rights organization also referred to a series of ‘Facebook Papers’, revealed by the leader in October 2021. Facebook executives are “very aware” that the platform is being used as a means of distributing content against ethnic minorities and other marginalized groups.

Rohingya representatives have filed lawsuits in both US courts. and England to sue Facebook. He also complained to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) that Facebook had breached the Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises by allowing the platform to be used as a means of inciting violence in the Rohingya community

In an indictment filed in a California court last December last year Rohingya refugees have filed $150 billion in damages from Facebook’s parent company Meta.

“Meta’s refusal to pay compensation to Rohingya victims to this day despite their requests is small compared to the company’s huge profits. It further shows that this company pays no attention to the facts about human rights impacts,” said Amnesty International.

Facebook has announced that it will improve its corporate values ​​and practices to fight against the lack of information. especially in terms of politics and elections It has also partnered with media such as AFP to review jobs. and remove any false content from the platform

source: AFP

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