An American billionaire reveals the best way to invest money in light of global market turmoil

American billionaire Mark Coban revealed his investment strategy in light of the turmoil of global financial markets in conjunction with the spread of the Corona virus.

And, according to the agency reported “Sputnik”, he explained that keeping the cash liquidity in his possession during this period would be the safest option in light of the volatility of the value of investments and concerns regarding the future. “I still believe that the market downtrend is not over yet,” he added.

He added: “When we look back over the past ten years, we find that there are some amazing companies that have been created, and to maintain cash, that will give me an opportunity to invest in them.”

Coban believes that in the chaotic state of global supply chains, and with manufacturing activity expected to recover in the United States, there will be a rise in consumer prices (inflation), and therefore he believes that consumer goods companies will benefit greatly from the current environment.

He said, “I try to be utilitarian and smart. I just think there will be a lot of reconfiguration. So companies started buying lands, buildings and shopping malls.”

“In big dense cities, like New York, you start to see apartment prices fall sharply, so if you think you want to live there, it’s time to buy. If you think you want a house in a severely damaged area, it’s time to buy.”

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