An exciting girl-engineer ‘Cobalt’ has come to Tower of Fantasy

▲ Tower of Fantasy ‘Cobalt’ new replica (Photo provided by Perfect World Games)

Perfect World Games added a new replica (character) ‘Cobalt’ to the Tower of Fantasy developed by Hotta Studio and served by Perfect World Games on the 6th.

Cobalt is a machine development master and the daughter of a mechanical engineer. At first glance, he is a serious and serious scientist, but he has a wealth of emotions and thoughts, and he is unrestrained in his actions. Some say that the weapon they made is a work of art because they are inspired to make devices.

One of these cobalt weapons is the flame pistol. You can continuously attack by putting your opponent in a burning state, and if you combine the chipset with cobalt, the damage is increased and the number of evasions is restored.

▲ Fantasy Tower Flame Pistol Cobalt Promotional Video (video provided by Perfect World Games)

So, from the 6th to the 26th, there is an event where you can get a limited replica cobalt and a limited weapon flame pistol with a high probability.

Tower of Fantasy was released globally on August 11th and registered 10 million users worldwide. Based on Unreal Engine 4, it features high exploration freedom, exciting battles, and engaging characters. You can enjoy it on mobile and PC via Google Play, Apple App Store, and the game’s official website.

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