Announcement on the Baoji Municipal People’s Government portal website Announcement of the Baoji City Leading Group (Headquarters) on New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic Work on Doing a Good Job in the National Holiday Day and Before and After the Epidemic Prevention and Control Work

Notice of the Baoji City Leading Group (Headquarters) on Prevention and Control of New Coronary Epidemic on National Day Holidays and Before and After the Epidemic

Source: Baoji Epidemic Response Headquarters
Release time: 2022-09-29 23:34

Recently, the domestic new crown pneumonia epidemic has been spreading and occurring frequently in many places, In addition, the National Day holiday is approaching, the mobility of personnel has increased, and the prevention situation and epidemic control is serious and complex. In order to strictly prevent the importation of the epidemic and strengthen our city’s hard prevention and control achievements, the notice on the prevention and control of the epidemic before and after the National Day holiday is as follows:

1. Lai treasure personnel (return) take the initiative to cooperate with inspection and management. All foreign treasure personnel (return) from the province should report their personal itinerary and other relevant information in the “come (return) to Shaanxi pre-report” module of Shaanxi Yicodetong 24 hours in advance, and take the initiative to report to your unit, community (village) or hotel, homestay, scenic spots and other places where you can stay and report. People from treasures (returned) from outside the province and those returning from areas with local epidemics in the province should actively cooperate with the traffic check point to check the Pass One code -Shaanxi code, the communication big data travel card, and the negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours Receive a free nucleic acid test (on-ground inspection) at the point of arrival, and carry out 2 nucleic acid tests within 3 days after arriving in our city (with a break of not less than 24 hours) ■ During this period, avoid visiting crowded places or participating in collecting activities, and actively cooperate with the implementation of classified control measures.

2. Advocating local citizens to celebrate the festival on the spot. The public should try their best to avoid or minimize cross-city travel during holidays, advocate for local holidays, and avoid going to medium and high risk areas unless it is necessary to leave the state. If you really need to leave the treasure, you should understand the epidemic situation and epidemic prevention policies of the destination and the pass point in advance, and take personal protection throughout the process. Report in advance before returning the treasure, and actively cooperate with the implementation of classified health control measures after returning the treasure.

3. Strict control of collection activities. Advocate of “simple handling of white matters, delay in handling red matters, and no banquets”, and strict control of large-scale conferences, training sessions, exhibitions, performances, celebrations, temple fairs and other gathering activities. Units report, reduce the amount of activities, draw up prevention and control plans, and implement prevention and control measures. Scenic spots and scenic spots at all levels must strictly implement the requirements of “current limit, reservation, and peak shift”, and the number of tourists should not exceed 75% of the maximum carrying capacity; the Shaanxi One needs to be strictly checked. -Passcode Location code, communication big data travel card and 48-hour itinerary Negative certificate of nucleic acid test.

4. Strict control of key sites. All kinds of public places, especially medical institutions, government agencies, restaurants, restaurants, farmers’ markets, shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, entertainment venues, etc., must strictly check the Shaanxi Yimatong location code, big data travel card communication and nucleic acid negative certificate test, do All records must be scanned, all records must be verified, and no one will be lost. For special groups such as the elderly and children who do not have a smartphone or cannot use the scan code system, they can enter after checking and registering their personal information. Schools, kindergartens, and off-campus training institutions should monitor the health of staff and students on a daily basis, track absences due to illness, and conduct disinfection and sterilization, and conduct nucleic acid testing at the prescribed frequency Staff and students must conduct 48 Return to the school with a negative nucleic acid test certificate within hours. Special institutions such as old age (welfare) institutions, mental health institutions, prisons, and hospital wards continue to operate closed control visits and video visits.

5. Strict control of personal protection. The public should strictly adhere to the code of conduct for the prevention of the epidemic of citizens, maintain scientific and standard wearing masks, wash hands frequently, ventilate frequently, collect less, use one meter noodles, and use public chopsticks and customs other good hygiene; cooperate with the implementation of temperature measurement in public places, code scanning inspection and other epidemic prevention and control measures; if you have symptoms such as fever, dry cough, fatigue, etc., take personal protection strictly, go to the nearest fever clinic in a timely manner, avoid taking public transportation during the medical treatment, and inform the recent travel history , activity history and honest contact history when seeking medical treatment. Citizens over the age of 18 who have completed the full vaccination for 6 months, take the initiative to vaccinate the “booster shot” as soon as possible to build an immune barrier against the new coronavirus.

6. Continue to consolidate the “Quartet Responsibilities”. Each county (district), each industry department, and each enterprise and organization should further strengthen the territorial responsibilities of the party committee and government in epidemic prevention and control, the responsibility of supervisors of industry departments, the main responsibility of the unit, and the self-. individual and family management responsibilities, and the strict implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures. Those who fail to carry out nucleic acid tests as required, who fail to report a personal itinerary, and who fail to cooperate with inspection and control measures such as epidemic prevention and control measures, will lead to the risk of transmission epidemic, is fully liable accordingly. with laws, regulations and disciplines.

The period of operation of this notice is between now and 31 October, 2022.

Baoji City Responds to the New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic

Work Leadership Group (Command)

September 29, 2022

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