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Original title: An Shuai: Do not worry about players waiting for the World Cup Real Madrid is not only one way to play

Live it, October 7. At 3:00am on October 9th, Beijing time, in the 8th round of the 2022-23 La Liga season, Real Madrid will take on Getafe away. Before the game, Real Madrid coach Ancelotti attended a press conference, he talked about some of the current situation of the team.

The key to beating Getafe

Ancelotti: “As usual, we want to give our best performance, we know the difficulties facing Getafe, last season too. They didn’t start well, but now they are doing great, they have intensity, they are organised, and that’s going to make it difficult for us.”

About Benzema

Ancelotti: “After missing a month, he played two games in a row, he is a little overloaded, but it is not ruled out that he will take part in tomorrow’s game, if he is in good form, he will take part in the game. In this team In the team, the defensive aspect is very important, that’s the key to success and that’s where we have to focus more That’s why everyone’s commitment is important, it’s true that we always stay tight, we lose It’s not relaxation, that’s what happened.”

Worried about keeping players for the World Cup?

Ancelotti: “I don’t think so, it’s important for us to assess the level of fatigue. The players are a little less sincere in this regard, they say they are fine, and sometimes being sincere is this means you get hurt and so do I. The player who told me he would prefer to stop, but in 30 years only two players have said that to me: Pepe in Champions League final and Seedorf in the league.”

Is it important to face Getafe?

Ancelotti: “They are a very fighting team, very organized from the back. It was a complex game and the psychological attitude of the players was the least of my worries, even though it was a difficult game. It is important, but it’s this team has shown that they are already very good at that. Sometimes we have to defend better, that’s what the team thinks, what we’re going to do is defend better.”

Pressure on the team’s defense

Ancelotti: “Real Madrid don’t have just one way of playing, that’s what we’ll see. Some games have more advantages by shrinking the defense, we’ll only have one way in the game.”

Questions about the team on the defensive side

Ancelotti: “I don’t think it’s because of the arrival of new players, we defended well individually and collectively, and we also saw that this team is very good defensively.”

About Courtois

Ancelotti: “We need to think if it is a good idea to play Shaker away, but I believe he will be back in Clasico.”

On Benzema’s goal drought

Ancelotti: “I think injuries have slowed him down, but I see the same Benzema as before, we are not worried about anything in that regard, he is doing what he always does do it, he will continue to do it, that’s it.”

On Rudiger’s adaptation

Ancelotti: “Rudiger is very aware that he is very important for us, he is a top class centre-back like Militao, Alaba and Nacho. Nacho can always contribute, you have to take that into account, we did a great job with It’s true that Nacho is getting more rest than the others, but he will probably play more games later.”

About the future of Cross

Ancelotti: “He’s great mentally and physically, he’s always smiling, he’s never angry. He senses the pressure of a game and when I ask him before a game, he always says I’m not nervous about it, it’s up to him to renew. the contract.”

About the team’s injuries

Ancelotti: “Cerballos needs to be out for two to three weeks, and with Courtois, the rest of the players are fine. Fortunately, we have managed the injury situation well so far.”

On Haaland replacing Benzema

Ancelotti: “I will not talk about Haaland.”

About Rodrigo

Ancelotti: “Rodrigo is a very smart guy, he is calm and serious, he is very mature even though he is still young.”

(Ma Dongyu)

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